Red Flowers

Red Flowers / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.

You may have noticed from other posts that I adore taking walks.  It’s just something I’ve always loved to do.  It’s no surprise that I end up snapping photos on my walking journeys.  Life just has so many beautiful surprises and beauty.  I love being able to share these images, too.  

In any case, this photo was taken on a trip to Colorado.  I usually know my flowers pretty well, but these I’m not familiar with – they almost look like they are a type of paintbrush.  

It was mid-June and it was near the Broadmoor.  The sun was setting but there was a lot of smoke in the air because of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  That didn’t stop me from taking a beautiful picture of these flowers.  

One thought on “Red Flowers

  1. Lovely picture of Bee Balm, Cyndi, also known as Bergamot. It is part of the mint family and well loved by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. They come in red, pink and shades of lavender. They aren’t fussy about soil conditions. In fact, I have some that have just started to fade growing in hardpan clay! The leaves make great medicinal tea. I’ll leave you to explore their many benefits. It seems we have many things in common. I love to take walks in the woods behind our house with my 4 feral cats. They line up behind me and I call them my ‘catavan’! I usually don’t mention that I have cats because bird lovers can be very adamant about not having cats around at all. Since my niche is backyard birds, rustic birdhouses and feeders, I just keep my cats to myself!


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