Crooked Tree

Last year, I went hiking for my birthday with some really good friends and my husband.  Along the way, we saw a red-tailed hawk fly by.  I didn’t get a good picture of the hawk because I didn’t see it right of way.  What I did get instead was the tree that the hawk had left.

I have to wonder if it was symbolic.  Indeed, that experience, that moment, stayed with me.  The tree was “bent” at a sharp angle.  I have no idea what event in the tree’s life caused that to happen, but I took great pleasure in trying to capture the unusual angle.

I made the picture black and white because I feel like taking the color out adds a timeless quality.  

Later, I did walk over to the tree that the hawk had landed in and was thrilled that it stayed long enough for me to take in its beauty and majesty.  

I admit I’m not a “professional” photographer.  I definitely go with my gut on what I see and share what I think are good photos.  

This is a relatively new hobby of mine, though.  I am having such fun taking my own photos for the articles I write on HubPages and I feel like I’m improving.

I’m a student of life.  I will always continue to learn – about my favorite subjects, new plants and animals, art, and now photography.

Crooked Tree / C. Calhoun 2011.  All rights reserved.


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