Strawberry Shake

I was writing an article on Tofu and for that article, I made a tofu smoothie.  I know that doesn’t sound superbly appetizing, but it really was good.  It was creamy and light and sweet, just like a regular shake. 

There was a slight taste of tofu, but it wasn’t bad at all.  

I’ve been enjoying tofu more and more, especially because I’ve been trying to incorporate a more plant-based diet.  There are two exceptions: I do like my morning bacon and I do like a bit – just a bit – of chicken every now and then.  

In any case, here’s a picture of these yummy creations.  Sorry if I’ve instituted a “craving.”

Tofu Smoothie / C. Calhoun 2012.

Ralphie and Hash Brown

My cat and dog were walking down the road with me.  

This picture is interesting in that Ralphie – a rather small cat – looks to be almost the same size as Hash Brown – a medium/large sized-dog.

Who “nose” what they’re sniffing…and perhaps they’ll find out if they go down the road.

But will they?

That’s for you to decide.

Ralphie and Hash Brown / C. Calhoun 2012. 


I took this one morning just after the sun came up over the mountain and the dew was still readily visible.  Mountain Dew.  That has a funny ring to it.  

It’s a jewelweed plant.  The leaf is really cool because when water drops on it, it looks to be silver.  So, people also call it the silverleaf plant.

In any case, the black and white contrast of this photo really highlights the “silver” of the water droplets.

Jewelweed / C. Calhoun 2012.

The Road

The country roads near our house actually offer some really interesting views.  I have a lot of fun experimenting with the images in black and white, with a green-only filter, full color, pop-color and more.

This was taken as the sun was starting to sink in the sky – probably not quite the “golden hour” but somewhere close.  I was in the darker, shadier recesses of this road, looking out into the sunlit field and forest.  

The only modifications I made to this picture were removing the electric wires that crossed the scene near the top.  I saw the potential here and knew that the image would turn out really well without the electric wire.  I also used the green-only color setting on my camera.

The Road / C. Calhoun 2012.

Summer Garden

I have an all-right green thumb.  With the help of my husband, we have a fun summer garden.  We try to go all organic, and we love splashes of color in our lives.

Here is a picture of a little part of our garden.  We have a garden shed in the background, wheelbarrows, grill – all the makings of an outdoor garden.  

We have some herbs, cucumbers, parsley, green beans, squash, sage, lettuce and more growing, and it all creates a colorful array of colors, especially against the backdrop of our blueberry-colored house.  Yes, it is blueberry.

Summer Garden / C. Calhoun 2012.

Butterfly Flutterby

The summer months offer special opportunities to take pictures of nature and wildlife.  I have mostly been taking pictures of these things, though I just might start branching out.

That being said, I found a special butterfly.  Special in that it allowed me to photograph it and get pretty close several times.  

I chose the best of those pictures.  It’s a pretty common butterfly and its colors are vibrant!  I bet it was an extraordinarily colorful caterpillar.

Butterfly Flutterby / C. Calhoun 2012

Pollinated Zinnia

Last spring, I dutifully planted a bunch of zinnia seeds in my planters.  I waited and hoped, waited and hoped.  I’d had success before and they add such as splash of color to the garden.

Well, I have one plant that came up.  It’s beautiful, my one little zinnia.  I’m going to have to hit up my friend again for some seeds next year, though.

This flower recently started to bloom, and I thought it looked really cool with its pollen getting all over.  The bees are certainly doing their job.  

The deep pink makes me think of those burnt orange and magenta sunsets that are so characteristic of summer.  

Zinnias are a constant reminder of warmth and beauty.

Pollinated Zinnia / C. Calhoun 2012.