Azalea Leaves

I got up early this morning because the light was great.  It rained last night so this morning, there was a lot of moisture on everything and it was foggy.  From experience and listening to other photographers, the light is often very favorable when conditions are like this.

I took advantage!

I went to the woods near my house and putzed around the yard.  I actually got a few good shots of various things – the barn, some jewelweed, logs and more.

My favorite today, though, was when I wandered up to my garden.  I have an azalea that has been clinging to live ever since my dog nearly clobbered it a couple summers ago.  He killed the other azalea plant next to it (sad, but oh well), and bent the stem on this one.

It’s been trying to come back ever since.

This is the first year the leaves look really healthy.  I changed the camera settings to high contrast black and white.  After changing the settings and focus and taking a few pictures, I settled on this. 

In any case, enjoy:

Azalea Leaves / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.


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