Something About the Wood

From all my posts, you may have noticed that I’m a bit of a nature freak.  Yeah, call me a conservationist, tree hugger, earth nut…I love it.  

So, it’s no surprise that I often find myself in the woods.  If I can’t get far from home due to my articles or because of other obligations, I still try to get outside anyways.  Sometimes I chop wood, sometimes I hike, run, walk, bike…whatever.  

I just need to be outside.  

Besides, where I live, it’s almost near 100% humidity for huge chunks of the year.  It’s nice to get away from the moldy spores that regularly take up residence at home.  I refuse to get an air conditioner or run a de-humidifier too much.  Those use a lot of energy and I’d rather use non-electric methods to combat those problems.

Alas, back to “wood.”

I once saw a bumper sticker that simply said, “wood.”  I’ve always thought about creating one of my own on Zazzle, but…

I must be ADD or something this morning.  I keep getting off topic.  

Lately, I’ve been really liking the high-constrast black and white setting on my camera.  It is incredibly fun looking for objects and patterns that take on a life of their own.

When I saw these mushroomed logs (I told you it’s most and spore-ridden where I live, haha), my brain just went, “black and white.”  

The image is stark, but it’s another new-favorite.  It’s near where I live and someone chopped these pieces up a long while ago.  Whoever it was just left them there.  Well, now they’re aged and like a good wine, they’re getting prettier.

Mushroom Logs / C. Calhoun 2012.  All rights reserved.


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