Metal Industrial Door

Before reading further, think about the first thing that comes into your mind as you view this picture.  Then, hold on to that thought until you finish reading.

This picture is a little bit different for me than what I usually post but then again, I’m always looking for new and intriguing things.

This picture reminds me of the idea of having faith.  Having faith in the idea that when you walk through a door – provided opportunity is knocking…or maybe not – you trust that it’ll be all right.

At least that’s the story I conjured up today when I was working with this image over at Zazzle: walking into the abyss.

I love the green and the door.  The door.

Where will the door go?

I have no idea, but it’s fun to think about.

Where do you think it’ll go?

In order to find out, though, you have to walk through.  The option to turn back is lost as soon as you step over the threshold.

There’s no turning back now.  The door has closed behind you.

Where do you you go?  What do you see?

Looking forward, is it dark?  A new opportunity?  A vast expanse of the null and void?  A continuation of what was behind?

When I was in high school, a teacher friend of mine related this really cool mind trick to us.  I don’t care to think about how long ago that was already.

I don’t remember all the possibilities of the results, but I remember what I saw as she related the story to us.

I was walking along and a saw a cup.  The question was, what did I do with the cup?

Next, I continued along a trail and found a key.  What did I do with the key?

Then, I came to a wall and what did it look like?

Then, what did I do?

What did I do?  Well, when I saw the cup, I put it in my backpack.  Then, I put the key in my cup when I found it.  The wall I came to was a brick wall, and when I saw it, hopped up, and continued walking.

Apparently, all that spells out how I see life.  The fact that I took the cup with me when I found it meant that I am always looking for tools and things to help me along, including inspiration.  With the key, the fact that I took it with me and put it in the cup means that I am prepared to unlock mysteries if I need to.  A brick wall meant that I value established things, but the fact that the trail just continued on past the wall meant that I view death as a continuation of life and that perhaps we just continue on our journey.

It was so profound to me at the time.  I thought of that when I snapped this photo of this door.  For some reason, it almost beckons me to define my life somehow.

So now here’s the question for you.  In the comments, tell me the first thing you thought when you saw this picture of the door.


26 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I read the title, and saw the picture….the first thing that came to my mind was that we put a lot of faith in things going through new doors, trying something new. I also thought about how we have to have a lot of faith if we leave doors unlocked! Amazing how a little door can tell us so much! I very much echo your thoughts. If we step through, everything changes, and there is no turning back!


  2. This is why I write non-fiction…when I saw the picture I thought “Why doesn’t someone trim that vine hanging in front of the door, it must be annoying to anyone who wants to use the door.” Very thought provoking post otherwise though. I often think about choices and opportunities and why some people view change as an opportunity while others view it as a disruption. What is it that makes some of us more willing to walk through that door and see what’s on the other side?


    1. Steve – haha – you made me go back and look at the photo again to see the vine and yes! I can see where you’d want to clip them back…to match the rest of the geometric shapes, you know? How fun and what an insightful comment.


  3. It struck me as very techno-modern-scifi and I love it. I would SO have that, but not as an entrance to my home, it would have it open to a garden. 🙂 Great post, princess!


  4. Okay, I’ll tell you but please don’t think of me any differently 😛

    – Zombies
    – Aliens
    – A school
    – A mental hospital

    I’m sorry!!! Again, I blame lack of sleep and The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. Why do I watch this stuff?! The school – I have no idea why It hought of that, and aliens – well, we were talking about that last night while outside in stadium waiting for Linkin Park.

    LOVE the picture though….if I was a little more awake and relaxed today I think I’d have seen something completely different. Beautiful green – my favourite colour 😉


    1. Melanie – I think MORE of you! I love all these images that came to mind. I can totally see how you’d come up with all those different themes, too! What fun! I love that you love green, too. 😉


  5. ‘fraid I gots to claim a path similar to Melanie’s and Terrye’s, my first thought-impression was: ‘long abandoned loading dock.’

    long enough abandoned to have the post-apocalyptic vibe and loading dockish in the sense of those semi-automatic, swinging door kind of entrances on plants and factories which are intended to allow the forklift to drive right through (without requiring the driver to have to stop and get off the truck to open the door manually, all in order to load the backed-up trailer truck quickly….before the zombies show up! lol


  6. The first thing that came into my mind with the picture was a deserted building that had seen better times in the past. Perhaps it led into a restaurant that fed people and heard their laughs. Or, perhaps it was the back door to a home that had kids playing. Of course, it could have a sordid background and have been the home of a murderer who walked our of it before committing his crimes, and entered it under the shadow of darkness. That’s about it. By then, I was curious as to where you were going to go with this, gave up, and started reading. Btw, I’ve been missing a key… lol


  7. I love the story of the cup, the key and the wall. I would have picked up the key and the cup also, but at the wall, I would have wanted to sit down, drink some water and evaluate the situation. Not sure what that means. 🙂 Beautiful photo as always.


  8. I saw opportunity and adventure. You walking through the door is a choice you have to make. It is like taking a fork in the road. Every decision we make in life has a direct impact on the result.

    I also have to say, after seeing how you question things, I really can tell your book is going to be outstanding. Because you are asking the questions and getting answers. You have to ask what if and come up with what might happen so your characters can travel along the line. I love the photo and I love how you add the touch of color. I want to do that to some of my photos but haven’t figured out how to do that in photoshop yet.


    1. Stacy – you MADE MY DAY! I saw that comment come into my inbox and I nearly fell out of my chair with awe at your words. Thank you. 🙂 So many questions, right? I’m ALWAYS asking questions. I’ll be addressing that photoshop question very soon here. 🙂


  9. Beautiful insight into such a well taken pix, Cyndi.

    When I saw the picture, I was taken aback by the beauty of nature and thought that nature never discriminates on where to grow even if the door is not as majestic as how nature has been portrayed by you.

    Inshort…nature never discriminates between the good, the bad or the ugly…priceless!


  10. I absolutely LOVE your photography…it really makes me look at my own work harder.

    When I looked at the door – I thought about opportunity. I wanted to knock on it!


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