It’s all in the Tree

Dead tree

After sharing the post about the urban door, I decided to see if I could find something on the web about a similar test like that one that my teacher shared.

I did!

If you go to A Walk in the Woods, you’ll see a fun little personality test.  I’m sure it’s not scientifically based but I took it myself when I found the website this morning.

I had to laugh at the results.  It wasn’t exactly like the one my teacher told us, but it was close.  The results, however, had me shaking my head in places.

I’m going to talk about my results below, but it’ll ruin the test for you if you read on.  If you don’t care about taking the test, read on (and hopefully laugh at my expense), but if you think you might want to take it (it’s fun!) don’t read my results until you’ve taken it yourself.


The first question relates to who’s most important to you.  I was a good little Cyndi and answered “my husband” for who I was walking in the woods with.

For the second question, the animal I saw was a deer.  The results say that the size of the animal relates to how big you think your problems are.  Good thing I didn’t see a sasquatch!

The third question asks about the interaction between the two.  I smiled at the deer.  Apparently, I smile at my problems, too. HAHAHA.

The fourth question asked about my dream house.  Okay, my dream house is not a big house.  For the record, I don’t want to clean it, and two, I’ve always felt that living in decadence, unless perhaps you can absolutely afford it, is…um…well…not simple-living (I’m all for living simply) and I feel too guilty taking so much when there are so many people in the world with so little.  So my dream house is sort of like one of those cob houses with funky rooms and curvy crevices and brilliant blue stained glass windows and those cool-looking turrets.

Now, that 4th question is supposed to represent the size of my ambition to solve my problems.  Well, dang.  This would suggest I approach my problems using addition rather than algebra!  1+1 = 2, as opposed to the quadratic equation.  It’s wrong.  I’m ambitious.  That test didn’t know I was valedictorian in high school…even if that was…a little longer ago than I want to admit.

Question five asks if I have a fence around my house.  Okay, we’re in the freaking woods.  Why would you have a fence unless you’re herding alpacas?  No, I don’t have a fence.  Apparently I have an open personality as a result of my aversion to fences.  Go figure.

I do consider myself to be an open-minded person.  Heck, I’d even join Elizabeth Gilbert to pray at a Buddhist monastery to see what it was like.  Maybe I’d find some degree of enlightenment.  In equal measure, I’d love to meet Jesus on the side of the road and check out his Birkenstocks and old corduroy pants, plaid shirt and unkempt hair.  That’s what he looks in my mind anyways.

The next question, question 6 asks if I see anything in the dining area on or around the table.  Okay, so if I have a house in the woods and we’re talking life philosophies, I’m sorry but I’m thinking a really cool slab of varnished wood with lots of burls would be cool, with maybe a bowl of pine cones on top.  This answer indicates that I’m not happy.  An amazing burled table with a really cool antiqued, brassed bowl would make me very happy.  And yes, I’m assuming I’m sharing it with my Honey.

For number 7, I said that cup was made of clay.  Thank god that’s a durable material because I do, in fact, think I have my lifetime love.

In number 8, I put the cup “down” in deference to it being an earthen vessel that wasn’t mine.  The explanation for this question is “my disposition of the cup is representative of my attitude towards the person in question one.”  I guess that means I respect him – at least I hope so.  Otherwise, it suggests that I left my love hanging in the dirt.  Aww…I need to go kiss him.

In question 9, I envisioned a small pond.  That’s supposed to represent my desire for love.  FLAWED.  What about all the peace (and love) I want in the world?  What about despising confrontation?  Or are they talking about true love?  Well, if it’s that then here’s the thing: I’ve always thought it’s better to be single and living life to the fullest with friends and family than to be attached to someone who brings you down and keeps you miserable.  So, yes, if “love” means spending your time in a “quality” love situation, then I have that and I’m eternally grateful for it.

Question 10: I went around the pond.  This is a similar question in that it’s supposed to represent the relative importance of love in my life and how “wet” I get is indicative of that importance.  Well that’s crap.  I didn’t go in the water at all.  I don’t like water.  I’ve always lived in the mountains.  Even when I go to the beach I don’t swim.  That’s not a fair question.  Come on – I used to argue with my mom when she’d make me go swimming at the Y.  I HATED swimming.  I always will.

So there you have it.  The baring of my personality through some whacked test about a Walk in the Woods.  It was annoyingly fun.

To that end, I thought the picture at the top was fitting.  I went for a walk in the woods and I happened upon this tree.  It’s splitting bark startled me and I loved it.

Of course I’m going to ask: what did you think of when you saw it?

I thought of death and re-birth, of something that has the ability to stand tall – even if you’re struck down, and perseverance.  I could go on, but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who’s still thinking about how that picture moves them.

Feel free to also report some of the results when/if you take the test.  What did you do with the dang cup?  What’s your dream house?  I want to know!

18 thoughts on “It’s all in the Tree

  1. I admit I am exhausted and need to take this test on a fresh night’s sleep maybe in the morning when it is quiet here before the kids wake up. But truly loved your answers and your picture of the split tree worked very nicely here indeed!!


  2. I wish I had something cool to write for the picture, but all I could think of was the top of a bird’s head that was all spiky. Weird. Awesome picture though, and sounds like a fun quiz to take. Very interesting 😉 My dream house isn’t huge, but it’s not minute either. It’s close to the beach, but close enough to a city so that I don’t have to drive hours to get to the mall. I need to be close to a mall. I’d like a library room / office, and Geoff wants an entertainment room with a bar. A walk-in closet would be nice, but not necessary. The house MUST have a decent sized garden outside…a pool would be an added bonus, but if we had the beach close by, then it wouldn’t be an issue. I’ve actually drawn up an entire plan for my dream house, I did this a few years ago one weekend when I was bored. I used to study Interior Decorating, so I even added how far apart the doorways would be and traffic patterns, etc. LOL! It’s fun to dream 😉


    1. Melanie – your dream house sounds great and I love your interpretation of the picture. Interesting: a lot of people have said they want a pool. It is fun to dream. 🙂


  3. I had to take the test… because I love this things. Like you I was a good girl and put my husband. I also said the deer. In the skeem of things, a deer doesn’t sound like your problems are very big. However, the deer ran away. Does that mean I chase my problems with a vengence. My house was huge and if it is in the woods… duh, why would I need the fence. My table is clean.. that means I am unhappy. What – that is wrong – a clean table means it is uncluttered. Clutter typically makes a person unhappy. As for the cup it was made out of ceramic, which I guess if not handled with care is easily breakable. As for what I did with it, I filled it with coffee. I have been known to try to feed my husband coffee… I think it makes him less cranky and wakes him up. The next one I found a little odd. I choose a lake. I thought ocean, but I went with the lake because it was little more close to home. I come from inland, but my husband is from California. That being said, there are some pretty darn big lakes out there. Ponds are the same thing. It really depends on how big your mind envisioned it and my lake… well you couldn’t see the other side. So when it asked how I got across, I originally said swim… I would have gotten soaked. Then the logical part of me said… seriously, you are not a strong swimmer and you can’t see the other side. So you dummy – grab a boat. Not sure what it says about me. Maybe that I pretend to hold love high but I don’t want to get too close to it for fear of being hurt. These answers can be interpretted so many different ways.
    Loved this blog post. So much fun for this early in the morning! 🙂


    1. Stacy – I know, right. These crazy, inaccurate tests offer a little fun perspective. I love your results, too! See, I see it as a real sign of high intelligence that you thought to get a boat to cross. See? This is why I think these tests are flawed…but still so fun to take. HAHA. I love it!


  4. I love stuff like this! I’ll admit, my curiousity got the better of me, so I read through your entire post, ruining the test (as you warned). 🙂 It seems like you did have fun with it, even if it was a little “annoying”. 🙂 Great post, Cyndi! It was really fun to read!


  5. My dream home is not about size but it’s the happiness and contentment in it that matters to me. I would desire to hear jubilant laughter in it.

    The tree symbolizes that nothing is constant and whatever the path is like…keep walking 🙂

    Love the way you inspire the reader. Will try a hand at this on my blog.
    thanks for the inspiration, Cyndi.


  6. I didn’t take the test, but I enjoyed your reaction to it! These tests are so silly sometimes and I get irritated with the results. Like the quiz “which LOTR character are you?” (Yes, I’m a geek) I would have loved to be Eowyn, or Galadriel…but no, I’m a Hobbit. It’s totally accurate. I love second breakfast and warm fires and drunken singing.
    Anyway, this was a fun read. 🙂


    1. Julie – haha, clean, huh? Oh man, I fear that no matter how many times I’ll try to clean my house, I’ll end up having leaves and rock pebbles blow in every time I open the door. Hehe. I want a huge kitchen, too. I’ve always had small ones and they drive me crazy. 🙂


  7. nuh uh! no way you gonna get me to answer those questions! lol

    There is a recording from my grad school days, it came with one of my text books, mostly interviews of people in order to illustrate certain psychologic conditions… I still have it and over the years a small group of friends will spend time listening to it for fun. There is one section, that totally has stayed with me, where the woman being interviews says, quite firmly, “you ain’t analyzin’ and dramatizin’ me”.

    Having said that, I used to have a way of going to sleep, didn’t happen too often, where I could visualize a ticker tape with words on it, scrolling right to left… I would read the words as they appeared…until I fell completely asleep.
    So, it might be best if I decline your invite… lol


    1. Clark – you’re going to pass up on opportunity for personal analysis? HAHAHA.
      Interesting with your method of going to sleep. And what did the ticker tape say? That’s the interesting part. 😉


    1. Audrey – exactly. Not sure how accurate it is, but it’s kind of fun to see where a person might fall on this particular spectrum. By the way, you’re rockin’ it with NaNo!!


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