Candle Holder

Glass Bubble Candle Holder

That image I posted yesterday?  It a close up of a glass oil candle; I took the wick out for a better image.  Audra came really close: she guessed jelly candle.

That was entirely fun!  I am going to have to play with abstract images a little more.  I’ve been looking around the house for fun objects that I have have fun “abstracting.”  Something about that sounds fun to me.

When I did more acrylic painting on canvas a couple years ago, I loved doing abstract self-portraits and just abstract art in general.  It was very southwestern (modeled after a style in the southwestern part of the US) and I live in the southeast.  Here in the southeast, you’re doing well if you can sell images of seashells and birds, and even mountain scenes.  However, once I figure out how to adapt my style so that I’m not trying to appeal people to buy Anasazi art – especially since we’re 1,500 miles away.

But, I headed off on some artistic tangent there.

Apparently artists do that.  They might even try to photograph or paint their interpretation of a tangent.  Just please don’t ask them to sine or cosine – I might make a natural log, though.  A log of memories!

I will post more about my writing progress this weekend.  But, in order to have writing fodder and pictures to share, you have to go out and do stuff.

A group of us headed to a place called Tsali today and did about 16 miles of mountain biking.  I am content and tired, especially since I expertly crashed backwards down a hill (I swear I’m too good at that) and ran into some briars.  Now it looks like I have some badly painted pink tattoos across my arms and legs.  I like mountain biking…right?

Because I did all that, I’m going to keep this post short tonight.  I’ll come back tomorrow with two updates on writing the NaNo stuff (it’s steamy…) and going to this gorgeous place where we spent the day just riding.


20 thoughts on “Candle Holder

  1. Was so off on that, but truly was fun trying to figure your picture yesterday. I am with you on the busy weekend and Kevin is off one more day for Veteran’s Day, so tomorrow might be a bit crazy for me, too. As always totally enjoyed hearing about your day and writing a bit here. Look forward to tomorrow’s update now!!


  2. …am with Janine on this. Slow day yesterday, blogistically-speaking. Today will be trying to get (work) week started ahead of schedule will check back in…
    Hey, Melissa (at BB) wrote something about Mercury being all retrograde and such, maybe there’s some to that! lol


    1. Clark – yeah, as we get closer to the holidays, I think it might get quiet on the weekends. No worries, though. It just gives the rest of us some time to tweak our blogs. 🙂


  3. For some reason, this picture reminded me of Christmas. They are my two favorite colors. I burst out laughing when you described your mountain biking fail…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh..


    1. Julie – oh no. It’s okay, go ahead and laugh. 😉 HAHAHA. Christmas…I love Christmas. 🙂 It’s great to see what people are coming up with in terms of what all these pictures remind them of. 🙂


  4. Oh wow! I love that shade of blue and lime together…reminds me of a tropical island….. I also giggled at your description of your “tattoo” on your arm…sorry! Glad you got the exercise and hope you’re not too sore! Looking forward to hearing about your ‘steamy’ scenes! 😉


  5. I missed something cause I don’t remember seeing you post the pictures and asking what it is. I would have got it wrong… I was thinking marble. Fun post. I am still out of it so sorry if this is incoherant. Still trying to catch up on some blog reading for the day!


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