NaNoWriMo – Day 14

Going on a short hike after I finished all my NaNoWriMo writing.

32,353 words.

I’m in too deep to quit now.

I found out from my friend Stacy’s blog that only 10% of Wrimos finish.

What kind of crazy statistic is that?  I thought a lot more finished.  I feel like I’m a novice writer, writing my first novel, but I’ve set up this routine, see.

I get up in the morning and while I’m sipping my green tea, I start to write. The idea is that even before I know what I’m thinking I’m thinking (yeah…I said that right), I’m typing everything that my subconscious has worked on for me since the day before.

I found that bit of advice in a writer’s book I picked up at a thrift shop right before NaNoWriMo started.  It’s called, Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande.  The dang thing was published in 1934.  Can you believe that?  Of course I have a re-printed edition, but her words are still relevant to any writer.

I haven’t read the whole book, but there’s a chapter I found called “Harnessing the Unconscious.”  I found it flipping through one morning while I was reading…in the bathroom.  Haha.

In any case, she starts out the chapter with these words:

To begin with, you must teach the unconscious to flow into the channel of writing.

This piqued my interest because in order to do this much writing in one month, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to just fabricate all these words just because.  I knew I needed a routine.  I work optimally with a routine.

She goes on to say, two pages later that

the best way to do this is to rise [a full hour] earlier than you customarily rise.  Just as soon as you can – and without talking, without reading the morning paper, without picking up the book you laid aside the night before – begin to write.

I took that to heart.  I get up, write and spurt out the words hanging, dripping from my mind as I let them build up from the day before.

I actually quite like that habit, but after NaNo is over, I think I’ll go back to writing closer to 1,500 words a day – instead of 2,000 – 2,500 – as I mentioned yesterday.

In any case, I’m thrilled and awed that I’ve gotten this far.  I had no idea that so few people actually made it.  I had no idea that I would make it this far.


6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Day 14

  1. Only the strong and determined survive in this business, and you are both. Great job lil’ Sis! I’m proud of your fortitude and determination. I start writing every day at 6:30; it’s when my mind is freshest and most creative. 🙂


    1. BB – who knew, right? I knew you were strong and determined, but I’m finding out that I’m able to do things I thought only others could do. I keep surprising myself. Hehe. So you start writing at 6:30? That’s EARLY! I hope you get a nice breakfast in beforehand. 😉


  2. I read the statistic on Stacy’s blog before, but loved your reference to the book saying about writing an hour before you would normally rise. I wish I could do this, but taking care of two kids I am just happy rising when at least I feel I can tackle them and everything I need to all day long. That said I have written late at night as I am falling asleep at the keyboard and wonder if that counts for harnessing my subconscious in my writings. In any event, great post and still hanging in there and going strong here, too. Yay for NaNoWriMo and writing!!!


    1. Janine – as I respond to your comment, I just finished my NaNo words for the day. Though, I think I might go back to bed for a moment. My cat (yeah, Pepe, the big, black one) woke me up trying to get into some sealed food on the counter. Now, I’m really tired. LOLOL. Thanks so much – you are the commenting queen!!


  3. I love the idea of getting up and writing before “engaging” in your daily tasks. Some of my best work (well, maybe just to me 🙂 comes before I start mentally editing. Good luck and KEEP GOING!


    1. Vikki – yeah, I don’t do it every single day without fail, but most of the time, I do. LOL…this morning, I’m taking the cat to the vet, so the writing will have to come a little later. 😉


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