Blue and Green Lights – Christmas Project Day 3

Chrismas Lights and Tree

I realize I’m “milking” the blue and green lights, but standing outside like an idiot late on a Saturday night, I swear I was able to get a ton of really artistic shots.

There will be more.

The lights seemingly danced for me as I snapped shot after shot.  My camera was cooperating nicely, and I didn’t even have my tripod!

It was one of those things where I stepped out the door on a whim, and believe it or not, my teeth were chattering as I tried to keep deadly camera shake from ruining my shots.

I’m glad that we have entered the digital age for this very reason.  If I’d been shooting with film, I can tell you I probably would have been more careful snapping zillions of shots.

Picture this: just as an elf happily makes the toys at santa’s factory, I’ve become the Christmas Photography elf.

When I go out and snap more Christmas shots for this project, I envision some pointed ears, a red hat, a scarf and lots of children looking at with bewilderment and wondering whether to offer me hot chocolate or to run away for fear that I’ll turn into the abominable snowman.

am prone to fits of utter teeth-chattering cold for no reason.  Perhaps there is a snowman who lives inside.

I won’t tell you how many cups of tea it took to warm me back up once I went inside forty-five minutes later.  My fleecy pajamas only protected me from the worst of the cold.

But the shots were well worth me freezing to the point of near hypothermia.

So here’s #3.

Here’s the exif data from this shot, too:

f/5.0 | 1/80 | ISO 3200 | Sony a57

I realize the ISO is probably higher than it should be for this type of photo, but well…I got it to work.  Above 1600 I know it gets grainy, but I’m learning to work special little photographic miracles.


28 thoughts on “Blue and Green Lights – Christmas Project Day 3

  1. These are my favorite colors of Christmas lights, so keep milking them. Well done my friend; a great way to start my day. 🙂


  2. As I’ve said, the blue and green lights are my fave so it never gets old for me…I don’t do well in cold either, but sounds like all your teeth-chattering is worth it!


  3. Blue and green are my favorite colors, so no complaints here! I think this shot is beautiful. And I shiver all the time for no apparent reason. I seem to catch a chill easily, even a breeze will bring on chattering!


    1. Amy – very cool! I shiver all the time, too. I’m ALWAYS cold, lol, except for right now. Standing in front of a hot ove and getting out of a hot shower always seem to warm me right up. Hehe


  4. Love it (again)! These are such beautiful photos. I really like that you’re including your camera settings now. I’ve got a really nice Nikon camera, but barely know how to use it. I just haven’t found the time to read the user’s manual or take any classes. Beautiful photo, Cyndi!


  5. liking the color but really like the contrast of… contrast! Or whatever is the technical term for a feature being out of focus being present with a feature that is in focus.

    like the movement it creates


  6. Another great blue Christmas picture….so cool! It’s interesting to hear the background about each photo, and what you’re putting into it…like standing in the freezing cold with chattering teeth! Wow! 🙂


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