Creative Commons and Other Changes


Hanging Glass Ornament
At a storefront in downtown Waynesville

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed some changes around here.

Creative Commons

First, the BIG one.  I am no longer exclusively licensing my photos as “all rights reserved.”

They will be listed under Creative Commons photos.


Well, this has been a long-in-coming decision.  I first started thinking about this about a year ago, way before I had this blog/website.

I came across this A-list blogger who attributed a lot of his success to making everything on his website Creative Commons.  He only asked that people give him credit for his work and link back to him, and his work spread like wildfire.

I started doing a lot of research on the website.

There was a clause on the “about” page:

If you want to give people the right to share, use, and even build upon a work you’ve created, you should consider publishing it under a Creative Commons license. CC gives you flexibility (for example, you can choose to allow only non-commercial uses) and protects the people who use your work, so they don’t have to worry about copyright infringement, as long as they abide by the conditions you have specified.

Okay, I SOOO don’t want people worrying that I might sue them if they like my images and want to use them.

I also want people to share my work.  Isn’t that part of the point about creativity?  As a writer and artist, I want people to share and link back to me.

I would be thrilled if, after doing a Google search, if I came across some random website with my images on there, with links back to me and my name on their site.

How cool would that be?

So, all the images on my site are still copyrighted, but I’m giving people permission to freely use my stuff as long as they give me credit.  Does that make sense?

There are six types of licenses attributed with the CC-license.  My particular license is this: Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported.  This means people can share, remix and distribute my work.  They cannot make money from my work, though.  I kind of need to make a living selling my own work.

Here’s a last bit of information that I considered on the About Page:

  • Want to let people share and use your photographs, but not allow companies to sell them?
  • Want to encourage readers to re-publish your blog posts, as long as they give you credit?

There were a few other questions, but these two, in particular applied to me.

Lots of photographers are licensing their work as Creative Commons, too.

The thing is, the whole point of CC is to get people to share your work freely without them having to worry about legal consequences.  This license is also enforceable by law.

I read a story about a Dutch photographer who published his work on Flickr.  A Dutch government website used his photos without giving him credit. He asked the government to take down his photo and they would not comply.  He actually won a court case against his government for copyright infringement.

On my website, you will no longer see watermarked images.

The images that are watermarked?  Well, people can use them, but unless I figure out how to bend the time continuum, it would take forever to go back and re-do all the photos with watermarks on them.

People can place these images on their websites as long as they link back and give me credit.

I feel like I’m also helping people out; they won’t have to pay for my images – at least not in that sense.  Under the provisions of the CC license, I can still use my images however I want, and I can make money from my own stuff – which I intend to do.

I’m even thinking about incorporating a gallery on this website where you can download the full size of the image for a fee.

Other Changes

You may have noticed the “invest/sponsor” tab at the top.  I am a one-woman business operation as a blogger and photographer.

Businesses need capital and I am no exception.  Sure, I make some money from blogging and selling photography products.

However, as with any business, you need to invest in better technology, continuing education, and the means to be able to travel to places to get great photos and stories.

Thus, the tab.  I am always looking for sponsors and investors.


Yes, my website is snowing.  A girl has to have a little fun and I got the idea from Julie.  Thanks, Julie!  It’ll snow throughout December, and maybe January.

It’s a fun feeling knowing I can control the weather – at least on my website.

There you have it.  Those are the “big” changes.  I hope you all have a great Monday!


11 thoughts on “Creative Commons and Other Changes

  1. I love the snow by the way… especially when it was snowing through your little town. I thought that was so cool. It made your picture look animated.
    That being said, I agree completely with the Creative Commons. I too want people to use my images freely because it does link back to me. Why not… I would rather have the traffic then tell everybody not to touch my stuff. I am sharing my stuff because I want it to be shared. I want my face to be recognized as the mad woman! 🙂
    And today’s photo – stunning!


  2. I think the Creative Commons approach is a great one…I’ve actually used some images from there, because I prefer that route than using my own photos and also my kids won’t let me photograph them for my blog. I love the snow too — would love to do that, but have no idea how – of course!


  3. Damn! you simply make the path to get to where you know that you want to be!

    I get an awful lot from coming to this blog, not just from the pitchas and such, but following your progress in creating the life that you would have for yourself (and the husband person) (and the canine family member).


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