Christmas Photo Project Day 12

Ice Snowman and BokehI couldn’t resist sharing another shot of Mr. Ice Snowman.

I loved this image as soon as I shot it.

But, I also wanted to touch it up and do a few cool post-processing things to it.

I am loving how this little ornament is adding to my last couple of photos.

I got this idea from a page I saw somewhere about photo projects and it suggested finding a small item that shouldn’t be there and bringing it along to serve as a foreground object.

Well, I decided to incorporate a little of this into the Christmas theme.  So far, he’s a very fun little guy!

Now, this is not to suggest that I will be including him in all my photos – I mean I DO have a trip to Asheville planned, along with the Grove Park Inn where the National Gingerbread Competition is on display, as well as the Biltmore House.

It’s just that I like to add a different spin on the Christmas slant, you know?

As for what I actually did to this photo, I added a green color overlay after the fact – you know, for Christmas-effect.

Exif data:

f/5.6 | 1/8 | ISO 400 | 40mm | Exposure comp: +1 | Sony a57


6 thoughts on “Christmas Photo Project Day 12

  1. Very neat effect and by the way (a bit off topic) Kevin works for Canon and would totally approve of your ad, lol!! Seriously, I keep get yelled at that I haven’t signed up with them as an affiliate marketer yet.


  2. ok… everyone knows I sometimes try to be funny, ’cause I don’t think I’m so good with the genuine sentiment thing… but* I am willing to swear that if you look at this photo real quick it’s like the little guy is…. ‘flipping everyone off’**

    Just had to share that.

    *damn, this is such a variation on ‘the boy that cries wolf, that I can’t believe it!
    ** no! really and not in any nasty way, but in a ‘…your parents have looked away, so it’s hey! you!’
    *** his right hand


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