Silver Deer in Red – Christmas Photo Project Day 13

Christmas Deer

A new take on the traditional Christmas candle?

I realize this image is somewhat “random” in my Christmas repertoire, but let me explain.

I haven’t gone anywhere the last two days, and while I’m headed to Asheville tomorrow to snap shots of the bright lights, and big city (oh wait…that’s Vegas they might be talking about)…I mean, the cool big town that is Asheville, I was needing more Christmas shots.

The other night, I randomly took out a stash of Christmas candles we’ve had for years and lit them.  My husband was confused – he didn’t know what was going on.

“What’s with the candlelight?”

I was in a festive mood.

In any case, out came these two candles and I’ve always been slightly mesmerized by the shiny deer holders at the bottom.

I knew I would be snapping photos of these.

Where do I get these ideas from?  I have no idea.

I can tell you that in every moment of every day, I look at the world from two lenses: from a writing perspective and from a photography perspective.

Whatever it is or whatever I do is subject to becoming a blog post or a hub.

So, there you have it.  Silver deer with a red overlay.

What’s with the overlays, you ask?  Both here, on my Facebook page and on Flickr, I have gotten more of a reaction from the solid-color photos than anything else I do.  So…I’ve kind of embarked on a little diddy experimenting with color overlays.

Exif data:

f5.6 | Shutter: 1/60 | ISO 400 | 50 mm | Sony a57


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