Hash Brown Santa Clause – Christmas Photo Project Day 17

Yellow Lab wearing Santa hat

If you are wondering, yes, that is my dog.

The infamous Hash Brown.  He goes by aliases, too: Mr. Brown, Hash Mess, Dirty Brown, LeRoy Brown, Mr. Brown-You-Have-a-Lovely-Noggin.

That last nickname comes from that song “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” by the Herman’s Hermits, a music group from around 1965.

You don’t remember?  Okay, here’s the video (um…I think they were still learning how to do videos then…and don’t EVEN ask me how I’ve come to know this song):

Yeah, I’ve totally made up verses to that song, too.  I sing to my dog about his lovely noggin.

Why did I suddenly take a picture of my dog for the Christmas Project?

Well, I saw picture of a dog somewhere all tangled up in lights.  I knew I wanted to try to do something similar and I wanted to add a Santa hat.

I laid out this blanket, told my dog to sit and stay and decorated him with all this stuff.  He didn’t really sit and stay and boy, it was hard to get a good shot.

But, I’m known for being a patient person, so after about 50 shots, I finally got one that I thought was so cute.

Can I just tell you the challenges in taking a picture of your animal dressed up as some sort of Santa Elf?


  • Keeping them still
  • Lighting
  • Being original (I mean how many Christmas photos of dogs and cats have you seen?)
  • The background
  • The colors of the animal (Mr. Brown’s natural brown coloring isn’t always conducive to producing a rich-color photo.)
  • The post-processing

But, I finally got an image I wanted.  It only took about two hours.


5 thoughts on “Hash Brown Santa Clause – Christmas Photo Project Day 17

  1. Loved Hash Brown in this photo and I must be old, because I know that song and the group, too. I blame that on my parents (mostly my mom) that loved Hermans Hermits, lol!! but seriously can relate to getting a good picture, but not with a dog, but with kids. Trust me it isn’t any easier 🙂


  2. Okay, now you’re going too far. I remember when Peter Noone and the group performed that song live on the Ed Sullivan Show. Old? Can’t we just say, “Aged like a fine wine!” lol I know only too well how hard it is to get good animal shots. What’s weird is that my cat, Faletame, sits up and poses in the same position every time I bring out my camera. It’s almost like he knows it’s a photo shoot. Getting candid shots of him is virtually impossible! Great job!


  3. Awwww Cyndi!! What we do for our animals, hey? I remember no one else in the family had the patience to clip one of our dogs, “Honey” – her fur coat got so long over summer and it was so hot for her – except me. I spent over an hour waiting for her to come to me and turn around and I’d sit there clipping away. It was a pain, but I did it because I loved her. Those two hours with Hash Brown must have been similar, and this shot is perfect! I hope you’re printing this one out and framing it!!! 🙂


  4. I am laughing in enjoyment of your photogenic doggie! (…visual NYC photographer’s loft studio, Calvin Klein for the canine set, photographers running around the set, all “work with me, work with me… that’s right you’re a *bad* dog…”)

    God, for any of us youth-challenged folks, all we have to do his hear the line ‘you’ve got-a louve’ly daut-ah’ and it’s Jr High School all over again.

    Great Post


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