Snowflakes – Christmas Photo Project Day 20

White snowflake

Last evening, we spent some time with my husband’s family.  We couldn’t go out with them on his actual birthday, so we headed over to Waynesville to go have dinner with them.

I had not yet chosen my Christmas Photo for today.  But, I figured since we were doing the hour-drive to Waynesville, and we’d be downtown again, I would check out some storefronts for the perfect photo.

As a side note, I am seriously considering moving from the boondocks back to civilization, but that’s a whole ‘nother topic.  But, I am rather sick of the two-hour-round-trip drives that we make several times a week.

In any case, after we ate some delicious food at the Sweet Onion, I headed up the street to seek out some Christmas forage.

I found it!

This storefront was all decorated with Christmas trees and snowflakes and snowballs.

However, I didn’t like the “white balance” on it and there wasn’t much contrast when I first snapped the photo.

Heading to my wonderful GIMP program, I changed the contrast, added some monochromatic blue color, and a pastel – yes, pastel – gradient and voila.

I seriously love photography and the design part of it, too.  And dang it, why did I wait until I was 33 to figure it out!?  I wish I had figured this out when I was 21.

Life experience does that to you, I guess.

Here’s the original exif data on the image:

ISO – 800 | 45mm | f/5.6 | Exp. comp.: +0.7


9 thoughts on “Snowflakes – Christmas Photo Project Day 20

    1. Haha…that’s true. I went back and took some digital imaging classes in my mid-20s and even since then it’s come a looooong way. I can’t get enough of this stuff. 🙂


  1. Love it, Cyndi! And on a side, I took nearly 10 years off writing and when I finally came back in my mid-30’s, I KNEW it was what I needed to be doing. You need to be doing this. 🙂


  2. The effects you can do with digital is amazing. I know you’re going to think me ancient (which I probably am without admitting it) but my first camera a a Brownie Starflash I got when I was 12 years old. I took that thing with me wherever I went for at least six months. I imagined taking picture after picture with it. I say “imagined” because my dad refused to buy film for it. Something about it being too expensive. Of course, he was right, as I would have used it up the second it was loaded. So much for rambling. Great shot and great post!


  3. Aaah…life’s funny isn’t it? I wonder too why it took me 10 years to figure out what I wanted to do or what I’m good at doing and actually enjoy…but then, I’m grateful for everything I did then because it gave me a world of knowledge that no one job ever could have. And 33 is still young! I’m so excited to see the directions you’re going in! 🙂


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