Using Zazzle: Products and Making Money–

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I recently created these Zazzle products.

I have gotten a few questions about using Zazzle and making money with it.

I thought I’d answer a few of those questions.

  • Do you actually make money with Zazzle?
     -Yes, but you get out of it what you put into it.  If you write for sites like Squidoo or HubPages, you’ll know that you need quality content, time and increasing quantity to make money with it.  The same goes for Zazzle.  The more products you have, the better.  You can expect to make decent money with thousands – yes, thousands – of products.  Sure, you can make money with less than that and it happens.  But it’s a bit of luck combined with quality products. 
  • How long does it take to make money with Zazzle?

-Again, time is probably the most important factor.  You need to expect that having 100 products might make you a few cents if you’ve only been at it a few months.  The longer you’re on the site and if you update your subdomain and products regularly, you can expect your earnings to increase over time.

  • What sorts of products do well?

-It depends, actually.  I think it’s more dependent upon how well you market your product.  You have to stay true to what you’re good at and, in time, people will look for your products because they’re uniquely you.  For example, if you’re a photographer, and you suddenly start doing cartoon-like products, you might actually want to open a different store.  Having all sorts of different types of genres of products can be counter-productive because people might not know what to expect.  No, this isn’t a hard and fast rule.  However, I personally have two stores: one where I create fractals and one where I feature my photography, and even one that has my paintings-turned-into-pictures.  That last one doesn’t do well, though, because it’s hard to churn out new paintings all the time.

  • Should you have more than one store?

-If you have vastly different products, it’s a good idea to have different stores.  But, it’s not a hard and fast rule.

I am really enjoying Zazzle.  It allows me to use my photography to create beautiful and artistic products.


15 thoughts on “Using Zazzle: Products and Making Money–

  1. Cyndi – Good information for those trying to make money here. I’ve pretty much given up on that phase of this venture. I get plenty of views, but have only received one check for .21 in all my months of doing it. So, I’ve said, “The hell with it, I’ll just do it for fun.” Good ideas thought!


  2. This is great information. I wish I had time to mess with pictures and sites, such as Zazzle. I’m currently working on screencasting for YouTube, which will go into a site I am working on right now.

    I love your pictures, and I’d love to see more. It would be so much nicer, to click on one of your pictures and use it versus the advanced image search at Google, which many times, does not come up with good pictures.


    1. JenJen – thank you. Yes, as long as there’s no watermark on the images, feel free to use them. 🙂 I only ask that you give me credit and/or a link back here…pretty please. 🙂 Yeah, this is why I want to share, though: I feel like it’s a great way to help others and you’re right: Google images leaves something to be desired, haha.


  3. I have a confession to make…don’t hate me, but I thought Zazzle was your own personal online store! Your stuff was so good, I thought it had to be! Hehehe. You are so passionate about all your avenues, and I love the creativity you put into everything. Thanks for explaining what it’s all about. I learnt something new today, yay! 🙂


  4. That is so cool Cyndi! Loved reading this…I just got shot some FABULOUS (if I say so myself:) photos in Mexico! Best I’ve ever taken….maybe I will look into zazzle? Thanks for the great idea! Ill keep watching you work and maybe learn!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  5. very interesting Post. Don’t have anything to sell on zazzle, but if I could ask, do you track the visitors to your zazzle as they pass through ‘the ‘tude’?

    The reason I ask is that, I sorta made your site the (un-official) sponsor of the Doctrine 30 Minute Radio Hour and I tell everyone* to go there and buy stuff… (I know, Madison Ave here I come lol). Hopefully, they, the visitors will leave a trail through your site stats.

    Enjoyable and informative, as always.

    *everyone is such a relative term, in this context …given the listener numbers, but it’s early yet


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