GIMPED Up! – Daughter of Maat’s Photo

Daughter of Maat's Cat
The “before” photo

I had the privilege of editing Melissa’s photo over at Daughter of Maat.  She’s doing a 365-day photo project – one photo per day – and I was thrilled when I found out.

It got me thinking that I should do my own project (hence the post yesterday about the P-Cubed Project), so thank you, Melissa, for that!

Well, I saw this kitty photo and just knew – I actually could see – an end-product in my head.  I knew I could do a few tweaks to really make Melissa’s cat really stand out.

Well, that and I have such a soft spot for cats.  I have always adored animals of the feline disposition.  But, well that is neither here nor there.

I edited the photo first in GIMP, and then there were some cool filters I knew I could apply over at (I swear I send them more marketing plugs, haha).

Here is the finished result:

Daughter of Maat's Cat - Edited
Impressionist-style Kitty



21 thoughts on “GIMPED Up! – Daughter of Maat’s Photo

  1. OMG!!! I just saw this, and I’m so mad for not seeing it earlier!! Maat is SO beautiful in the finished picture. I just LOVE it!!! Great job Cyndi! Sam loved it too!! 😀 Thank you so much for choosing this one!


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