GIMPED Up! Melanie’s Flowers

Melanie's Flowers

This was Melanie’s pick for Wordless Wednesday a couple weeks ago.  She called it “Flowers For Life.”

I was intrigued.  Maybe because they’re struggling to survive or because I love life in all forms.  Every living thing is special – at least to me.

I also saw the potential in this.  I kept seeing an embossed-like impressionist painting in these flowers.

After a little photo editing, here’s what I came up with: (I edited in GIMP and BeFunky)

Melanie's flowers edited

I really like editing photos – have you noticed?  I love how I get an artistic kick from it.

Thanks for letting me use your photo, Melanie!


6 thoughts on “GIMPED Up! Melanie’s Flowers

  1. You know how much I loved seeing these Gimped up photos. Great job as always and look forward to seeing all of Wednesdays showcased tomorrow, too now 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend so far!!


  2. oh wow…you added life to these flowers. I absolutely loved it.

    Cyndi, it will be my pleasure if you wanna GIMP or FUNK up any pix of mine. dunno if its worthy an artist…lol


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