Picto Project Week 2: An Unexpected Tree Photo and Haiku

Appalachian Trail

I was all set to use this image as one of the official images for the Pictorialization Project.

Originally, it was in color but I felt like black and white really made the trees show off their splendor.

I had even tweaked the image to contrast the trees even more.

I used a filter on GIMP I don’t use much: “erode,” where it shrinks the lighter pixels.

I liked it.  But I never stop until after I’ve applied and tried a number of different things to an image to see what I like best.

Well, there was one I hadn’t tried before.  It’s called “lighting effects.”  There are a number of different options within this filter.  I chose to apply the “environmental one.”

I was in for a surprise.  It instantly became the image I wanted to use.  I don’t know why.

Now, maybe you’ll like the first image better (Rich, yeah, I’m talking to you, haha).  However, I prefer the second one.

I am not sure why.  Maybe the image took on a new, comforting mysticism or I like the new depth.  Not sure.  I just know I like it.

It also fits with a haiku I made up when I was hiking along the Appalachian Trial last weekend.

Appalachian Trail trees with filter

Sweet Mother Nature

A Provider and Shelter

Bathe me in your light. 



35 thoughts on “Picto Project Week 2: An Unexpected Tree Photo and Haiku

  1. I love looking at your photographs and reading your blogs first thing in the morning. It’s my morning inspiration. 🙂 Friend, I hope you are on your way to putting together a book of all your photographs because I will definitely be buying one. You have to. I want it on my coffee table…soon!!! 🙂 x


    1. Melanie – thank you so much! I am going to raise money so that I can make coffee table books at the conclusion of this project…either that or get sponsors, LOL. I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. this is amazing, Cyndi. I love the edit and am yet MORE curious Now to try exploring GIMP again… so glad you shared your process. oh, and I don’t really DO the favourite thing, though I, too, like to try out various versions of something. that’s what is such fun with digital fiddling, you can BE like Baskins 31 Flavours!!! actually, though, I DO love the way you made this one sing and your haiku is exquisite.


    1. Currie – thank you so much for your feedback! I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday and with each photo, the process is different. Sometimes I make a lot of edits, and other times I make few. It all depends, haha.


  3. OMG! Now, you’re calling me out in your blog! Oh, the humanities! lol Please, just because I critique doesn’t mean I don’t like, it simply means there’s another viewpoint to consider! We all know I’m far from being an expert (just look at my photos taken, lol), but I just try to be honest, instead of giving you the standard, “What a nice picture. I love it. You’re a great photographer” bull that some will provide upon occasion. Now, just like what you showed today. For clarity, I’d go with the “Before” image. It’s fantastic in that it displays a scene that goes on forever. It would be what I’d choose for a nature blog. Yet, for a fantasy or mystery blog or theme, I love the “After” as it blurs out the end and allows you to travel your own route there! Nothing is definitive in it except the starting point. The rest is for the viewer to provide in the accompanying tale. As always, a great job! 🙂


    1. Rich – HAHA. OF COURSE I have to give you a hard time! LOL You have to give me the different perspective – which I definitely appreciate. 😀 I hope you’re having a great Friday and that the new job is treating you well.


  4. Very excellent photos (and this from a person who hates cold, stories about cold, movies about cold, the room in which I am reading and/or viewing movies (about cold) being cold, not that I think about it, I am not overly fond of the refrigerator in the kitchen, and now that someone mentions it, I am not happy with the stove, which does not stay hot all the time… yes, I will stop now and return to the matter at hand.
    Nice photos of freezing trees!
    clark is the outsider
    scott as the predator
    so what good are the rogers?

    This here blog here is a right fun place!


    1. Clark – I just love the fact that I’ve met you here in the blogosphere! I love your perspective and insights. Sorry about the freezing trees. If it’s any consolation, I’ve been freezing all day and am currently sitting here typing in my jacket and about three layers of clothes and it’s 65 here in the house! LOL


  5. Beautiful photos, and lovely haiku! I think the black and white really has a powerful effect on the trees – striking! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment. Have a great weekend!


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