Lake Junaluska Tree Painting – Picto Project Week 3

Painting Western North Carolina

It all started with the original silhouette photo I snapped a couple weeks ago:

Lake at Sunset

Then I made the charcoal drawing:

Lake Junaluska charcoal drawing

Then I had to do the acrylic painting.  It’s a 4’x3′ (more or less) painting on acrylic.

Here’s a video I made of the different stages of the process.  Unfortunately, it “rushes” through the final part where it shows the final version of the painting.  After changing the videos and uploading in higher quality five different times, I finally gave up.  The essence is there. 🙂  Besides, you can see the painting itself above.

I should also say that all this work is actually for sale.  I am in the process of creating a gallery from which people can choose.  They pieces will be for sale starting next month, but really, they’ll be in the spotlight at the first exhibition I do for these in August 2013.


32 thoughts on “Lake Junaluska Tree Painting – Picto Project Week 3

  1. Cyndi, I don’t need to tell you how talented you are, but my god you are just so talented!! Seriously, the original photo alone was awesome. The charcoal painting was yet the next step, which I loved, but the painting is just nothing short of amazing!! Seriously, this painting is beautiful and absolutely perfect!! 🙂


  2. Cyndi, I loved this! The colors are just perfect! I’ve just written a post about my passion for color, and here you are providing more food for it! You’re spoling me! I agree with Janine, the whole process from start to finish was fantastic! I hope there will be many more to come! I’m sharing this everywhere I can! Have a good day!


  3. Holy moly girl! You are so talented! I loved everything about that video. The music fit perfectly, the wording colours and font was good, and it was fun seeing how you came about your final image. I wish I was near you in August, I would LOVE to go to your gallery exhibition. Well done!!! x


    1. Melanie – thank you so much for your feedback. I still have to figure out WHERE I’m going to do this smaller exhibition, but yes, that’s the plan, hehe. I appreciate you!


  4. Bet you’re waiting on me to be critical, aren’t you? lol Okay, now, since you’re making videos, what I want to see is a video of an artist in action. You can have a camera, aimed strictly at the picture (since you’re bashful) and show the artist doing a charcoal drawing from start to finish. Of course, it can be run at fast speed, to eliminate the hours of painstaking effort I know it takes, but I think it would be really something to see. Ready for me to go back to simply critiquing yet? lol Great job!


    1. Rich – HA! I always look forward to your critiques because you do offer a different perspective. And actually, yes, I do plan on more videos of the artistic and even photographic process and what goes on in my crazy head. Thank you so much for all your feedback – I really value it. 🙂


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