Highway 209 | Luck, NC | Picto Project Week 5

Route 209

This image is from a ridgetop on Highway 209.  It’s a long connecting road between Hot Springs, NC and Waynesville, NC.  We had just passed through the town of Luck.

And I got lucky.

Believe it or not,  I shot this image from the windshield of my car (no, haha, I wasn’t driving).  We were headed around a hairpin curve and it was a horrible place to stop because anyone coming around the bend wouldn’t have time to press on their brakes and avoid hitting us.

So, hurriedly, I captured this image as my husband slowed the car down, but couldn’t stop.

Maybe another photographer would have found a place to park and walked back up to this view.

Okay, so I did that.  And I didn’t like the images.  I liked the one from my car, taken on a whim.  But, the tinted windows acted like a filter on my camera lens and I really liked the effect.

I need to investigate those filters more.  Seriously.

I wonder what sorts of lessons you can learn taking a photograph from a moving car with an unexpected result?

Don’t plan your photos so carefully?

Welcome accidental shots?

Or does that mean you are getting better at identifying a good shot subconsciously, and only afterward you realize it’s actually a good photo?

I have no idea.  I just know I like it.


15 thoughts on “Highway 209 | Luck, NC | Picto Project Week 5

  1. Beautiful and some of the photos I used on my own blog today were from when my brother and I were in the car (and yes it was moving)! So I can totally relate to your post and photography today!! 🙂


  2. I totally agree that some of my favorite pics are the ones that were just taken on whim! Like this one too, Cyndi. Awesome you took it in your car – just goes to show that planning stuff isn’t always the way to go!


  3. dontcha loves digital photography?
    I am making this statement on the basis of my personal enjoyment in takin pitchas, not to be confused with being a skilled (and talented) photographer.
    Both are fun.

    ( Have been known to simply hold my camera up through the sunroof and click away, interesting results… lol)


  4. Great shot Cyndi! To took some pix while Dave was driving to see how they’d come out…some are pretty cool! But not as good as ^!


  5. I love that you took this from the car and that is so good. Someday I hope to get a better camera. I vote for accidental photos that turn out good as who knows what you might capture by accident.


  6. I don’t know how I missed this post of yours but came back to comment because that picture is amazing!! I also take a lot of photos from the passenger side of the car while my husband drives. Almost every time we go out I snap away. Of course it’s with my cellphone and not a real camera, but you’d be surprised by the good pictures that turn out at the end of it. I think the tinted windows with the trees make this picture. I’d want to hang this in our lounge. It’s that good!


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