Highway 209, Near Lake Junaluska, NC | Wordless Wednesday 10 | Picto Project Week 5

Western NC Lake Junaluska Highway

This week, I’ll keep sharing a few images of the Scenic Highway 209 that we traveled from Hot Springs, NC to Waynesville, NC.

I did a little post-processing on this image: I desaturated most of the color, but left a few pixels in their color-saturated state.

It’s amazing how a little elevation gain makes all the difference when it comes to snow.  Toward the top of the mountain here, the trees are all lined with the white stuff.  These mountains are tall, too.  I grew up in the Rockies and from top to bottom, they’re just as tall, but overall lower in elevation.

In the foreground, there’s more of a dusting and most trees have no snow.

As we descended from these mountains and on into Waynesville, there was NO snow and the sun was shining brightly with no clouds.

My poor husband is so patient with me: I made him stop a number of times so I could get a lots of great shots – to share and for my Picto Project.

I have no idea which one will become a drawing and painting next.

Hmm…maybe I’ll share all the images this week and let you decide.

I think that’s a great idea!  So, come back here on Friday and vote for the photo that will become my next triptych.

And now for Wordless or Wordy Wednesday…

Just a few things…they’re not rules, really…

  1. Grab a photo that you think is worth 1,000 words.  Preferably it’s your own photo, but Creative Commons photos are allowed (with proper attribution).  This photo can be a regular photo, artwork, or even a video.
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  4. Keep it Wordless or Wordy – your choice!
  5. I’ll be by your blog to tweet your photo and add the hashtag #Wordlesswednesday.  Feel free to do the same.
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Don’t forget to link up.  Have a Wonderful Wordless and Wordy Wednesday!

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22 thoughts on “Highway 209, Near Lake Junaluska, NC | Wordless Wednesday 10 | Picto Project Week 5

  1. These pictures of yours are making me so excited for Winter that’s just around the corner for us! We don’t get snow really, but we do get it up on the mountains and this year, we WILL take the hour or two drive up there to go see it. We have to! Gorgeous picture!! 🙂


  2. Beautiful picture! We have visited the area many times, but not usually in the winter. I bet you guys have gotten snow this morning. I noticed the forecast was calling for several inches in the Waynesville area. This is where dear friends of ours spend their summers. We love it there & have are privileged to visit them once or twice each season in their cabin. Anywho, I know this is gonna be an excellent opportunity for you to snap a lot of great photos. Have fun!


  3. It’s hard to believe that you live so close to me, yet you have so much more winter weather! I love this picture, and it makes me yearn for a trip to North Carolina! I miss snow!


  4. Beautiful photos! The desaturation adds to the cold feel. My photo this week isn’t particularly interesting – it’s a picture of me my sister took while I was trying to put up my hair! I decided a little candid photo action could be fun, though.


  5. Beautiful picture. I might have to take your encouragement and start making my husband stop when I want to take pictures. Usually I just try to do drive by shootings. Sometimes they work… sometimes they don’t! 🙂


  6. We usually go skiing every winter, but this year we didn’t and after seeing this photo, I realized I missed seeing the mountains covered in snow. It’s always so beautiful and this photo was no exception.


  7. It’s a great idea/linky. I have family up today, but will keep this hop in mind for when I have non-people pictures on WW.

    Your husband is nice…mine is too, but he would still make me take pictures at 70mph and whatever I got, I got…and whatever I didn’t, well… I didn’t. lol Props to patience. 🙂


    1. You prolly wonder why I commented twice (now three times with the explanation, lol) and it’s just because I came over to say hi and wanted to let you know I visited, lol. I’m stalking you for more work, that charcoal pic was fabulous.

      Do you do it for a living?


      1. Oh I see you do have a lot of things for sale. Nice! There were several that I really loved (the pinecone and drum, and the mushroom are my faves that I’ve seen so far…I didn’t see the charcoal in there, but those are awesome). All of your work is really nice!

        I have to get the little one to bed, and am about to stop being a creeper and stalking you for today. Really. 🙂 It was just fun going through your galleries and I didn’t know where to post that, lol.


  8. I really like this shot. The peacefulness is aspiring. Yet, my brain is going crazy again. I see an alien spaceship shooting destructo beams into the hills that are exploding snow high into the air. The trees are starting to smolder. People are filling the forefront of the photo and running for their lives. I think I scare myself sometimes. Again, great shot!


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