Crooked Tree | Picto Project Week 6

Crooked Tree

You know, I’ve walked by this tree on the mountain behind my house and I’ve photographed it like 20 different times.

I’m not exaggerating.

But every time, I couldn’t quite capture the extreme loopy angle at which it’s growing and the resulting image would always look boring or otherwise dull.

Yesterday, however, the outside temps were frigid and I wasn’t totally dressed appropriately for the weather: I was wearing yoga pants.

But, as anyone who dons the yoga pants will tell you, they’re so comfortable and flexible.

What does that have to do with this tree?

Well, I finally folded myself up, freezing and all, underneath this tree.

My legs were contorted in crazy angles, as if sympathizing with anything having to endure such insane acrobatics – such as the tree.

I looked up and thought, hmm, maybe I’ll finally have a satisfactory photo to convey the craziness of this tree.

I think I finally got it.

Sure, my work is never done and maybe I’ll find myself dangling from its branches someday to get another great angle.

But for now, the twisted trunk is prominent in the image and it almost looks mystical.  I’m satisfied for now.

Yes, there was some post-processing, because the original image was a little washed-out, but still, I like the result.

At least it isn’t floating.

How about you?  Do you have a crazy tree growing near you somewhere?  Have you ever tried to photograph it?  It’s harder than it looks, I promise.

And that concludes this week for images.  I can’t wait to share the charcoal drawing I’m working on next week.

Thank you for coming by, friends!


15 thoughts on “Crooked Tree | Picto Project Week 6

  1. I think I need to find some more adjectives to describing your photos because ‘awesome’, ‘amazing’ and ‘stunning’ just don’t do this one justice. I’d hang this up in our lounge, blown up with a thick wooden frame around it. I love it!!!


  2. This is beautiful! It really does look mystical. It certainly gets my imagination running.
    I am wearing yoga pants right now. They are really comfortable. I don’t think I would want to wear it outside for long, although I see girls jogging in them all Winter long (in 20-30 degree weather).


    1. I love this image capture Cyndi, wow! nice angle and twist to it. Where in the world does this sort of tree grow, amazing. I love the editing you’ve done on it as well, nice formatting.

      I’m sharing this page for you too, I located it from a share there on FB by a good friend of yours. Cool beans!


  3. That is a really cool angle! I’m often tempted to lay down under trees to try to capture their uniqueness. It hasn’t worked out so far, but I’ll keep at it. Maybe the yoga pants are the secret? 🙂


  4. We had some really great trees in Florida that I loved to photograph (the moss covered ones were just gorgeous).

    Now we’re up north and our yard is full of beautiful trees, but nothing out of the ordinary (though I still take pictures). 🙂


  5. I have to say how much I loved the commentary on how you captured this picture! I would love to see that more and more in everyone’s work! But, it did not seem like work to you yesterday even though you struggled for so long to capture the pic of that windy and twist tree! I can see you in my mind twisting and turning to capture that pretty cool shot! You worked it girl!


  6. I had exactly the same first thought on seeing that another jennifer has! It looks so much like a dinosaur or serpent. And I also very much enjoyed your description of getting the photo.


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