Wordless Wednesday

Feel the spirit
Let your spirit loose!

This is actually a photo I took of myself last summer.  I was experimenting a bit with self-portraiture.

Alas, I was never that comfortable with it.  Somehow painting a self portrait was a lot easier than taking photos of myself.

I always felt so vain…even though I always was looking for an artistic composition and it was never about taking photos of me per se, but getting practice with different types of photography.

Then, I got the bright idea to abstract this particular photo, add some funky filters and borders and some text that inspired me.

And that’s what you see here.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Wordless-Wordy Wednesday.

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50 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Great pic, Cyndi! I love what you did to it, too! I have a similar picture of Bev up in the mountains that is my favorite of hers. It speaks to her free nature and her love of all things. 🙂


    1. Bill – that’s great! You should post that pic of Bev (if you want) one of these days. I’d love to see it. It also sounds like you have some wonderful changes going on over in your neck of the blogosphere. Cool beans!


  2. You should never think you’re being vain! You have a beautiful soul and you are beautiful. You should show it off. 🙂 I’m one to talk though, I HATE taking photos of myself. I always look gross in them. Edit programs are great! I love that photo of you…captures everything about you, even though you aren’t looking at the camera…awesome!!!


    1. Melanie – hehe, yeah it’s a weird concept: I would sometimes do self-portraits to practice my photo skills, but I couldn’t help but think I was…vain. LOL Thank you so much, friend. Hopping over to your blog now. 😉


  3. What a cool picture! I take pictures of myself sometimes for blogging reasons. I live in an apartment and my neighbors all think I’m more than odd.

    I love Wednesdays and can’t wait to check out everyone’s links as soon as I get back from the dog park. =)


  4. It’s a beautiful picture Cyndi. I love the way the white of the foliage on the right side melds in with the border – and how it echoes the white of your torso. And then there’s the darker areas in the woods – and the exuberance of your white arms crossing through the darker background. I have a feeling I could go on looking at the image a long time and keep seeing more in it! It has a mystical feel to it.


  5. Great job with this edit! I prefer to be the person behind the camera, but I’m learning to be more comfortable letting people take pictures of me.


  6. Very cool*

    I like the ‘composition’ and the whole treatment of the colors or exposure or whatever the hell you call the manipulation of the original photo. To take something as ‘real’ as a photograph (I mean there it is, in black and white or color…but it is shows exactly what was before/in front of the camera when the picture was taken) but then to add the artistic/creative element… and have the thing (photo) now cause a person to react/respond/feel differently to this ‘same’ photo…very cool.

    *also the fact that, despite the very real (and ‘natural’) dislike among clarks for taking or being taken in photos… you have not only done it anyway, but more importantly you have done it such a way that the result has ‘augmented’ your world.
    It is one thing to endure something we dislike or fear, it is entirely another matter to transform that thing from being hated to not being hated. (of course, this begs the question what is being altered? is it your attitude towards self-photographication or are you altering what taking your own picture (represents) to you.)


  7. That is a fun looking picture, indeed. I enjoy taking event pictures and self-portraits as I find them to be a way of expressing myself and at the same time to preserve certain memories. I would like to see a painting of your self-portrait, you should really post one.


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