3 thoughts on “The Goals I’m Not Sharing

  1. I am so not one for writing down my goals or planning. I don’t know why, but so not my thing. It gets me more anxious to do this and just keep most of it in my head. And this why I do it at my own pace and when I have accomplished a goal I feel that much better. Not sure if that makes sense, but to me it does 🙂


  2. I tend to write goals down and forget about them. I’m better with talking about them – even if it’s just to my dog! – and reminding myself of them. I made my big goal of writing a book public because of the accountability piece. That helps me. I don’t like to make things public and then not come through. Whatever works, right?


  3. I read this before, but I m revisiting it to get a better look at the journal. I love journals of all kinds, and I like that you decorated yours, and used little dividers to separate the types of goals. I already have a goal journal, but you have inspired me to put a little creativity into it, and decorate it.


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