How the Rain Makes Life More Beautiful

pink rose
Knock out rose with water droplets

A gentle rain has been rinsing the Earth for the better part of the day.

It is these gentle rains that put me in a reflective mood…and compel me to take photographs of gorgeous things in my yard/forest.

The rain makes everything more stunning.  Picture the rose above without any of those droplets.  Would you stare at it for as long?  There’s something about those water droplets that makes the photo look…

…clean? renewed? refreshed?  crisp?

Maybe it’s all of the above.

I would argue that a photograph with water droplets looks more interesting than the same photograph without water droplets.

The beauty of rain is more than droplets on leaves or petals, though.

It’s the peaceful sound of cleansing and life-giving hydration.

I live in a particularly rainy part of the country.  Not many people know this, but western North Carolina gets A LOT of rain and I’ve heard that it’s just a few inches shy of rain forest classification.

With all that moisture comes lush, diverse greenery.

Rain is symbolic of the completion of a cycle.

In scientific terms, you have evaporation and condensation.  It doesn’t sound very romantic.

Mother Nature’s take is definitely more pleasing: the spring rains that cause the generation of all the plant species and renewal of life.  She doles out a substance that, without it, all terrestrial life forms could not exist.

People know this instinctively: how many people have created poems, songs, books, meditations, or art in honor of the rain?

Part of the beauty in rain is that it’s universal.  It’s been part of the cycle of this planet since the beginning of Time.  Our ancestors witnessed the same drops we’re witnessing now.

In fact, looking at a water droplet is like looking into a rainbow of history.  Before that water droplet came out of the sky, it was absorbed into the air, and before that, it existed as a liquid on the earth.  After evaporating it came back to the earth and the cycle continues over and over again.  Now there’s a more romantic notion of the scientific explanation.

But you don’t need science to tell you how to listen and absorb the beauty of something that is so essential for all life.

I think of how our rain is tainted with chemicals of our human-made products.  I have always felt that this was an unwitting consequence of modern progress.

Sometimes, though, I feel like progress actually hinders us from being completely human and hearkening back to our roots, to a simpler time, place and existence.

Perhaps that’s something else that makes the rain beautiful: when you pay attention, it forces you to slow down.  You and I are genetically programmed to respond to the sounds of Nature, if but only we listen.

Azalea in the rain
Azalea with water droplets

The Beauty of Rain

Your wet caress slaps my face

and yet I smile

For you nourish my spirit

And renew my connection

To the Divine

I dance and feel


across the epochs

Light shines and you cast

A rainbow upon my thoughts

I am free to grow

Nourished by your cleansing

I lay down strong roots-


Just hydrogen and oxygen

And yet a miracle out of


-Cyndi Calhoun, May 2013

Side note:

I love where this blog is going.  It has become my spiritual outlet and I want to thank you, the reader for following along.  Stay tuned: updates are coming as well as some goodies.  🙂

spirea flowers
Flowers from our spirea bushes

39 thoughts on “How the Rain Makes Life More Beautiful

  1. I love where this blog is going too! I look forward to reading it whenever you post 🙂 I’m with you on the rain…and those two photographs are gorgeous! I especially like the one with the white flowers…wowzer! Have a relaxing Sunday friend!


    1. Melanie, I could say the same thing: I always look forward to your posts. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback on my photos, too. I think I’ve finally found an outlet for my photography.


  2. Can’t agree more that your blog is going in such a wonderful place for sure. Seriously when I read your posts now I am put into such a wonderful, calming place. And I can’t thank you enough for that. It is raining here, too this morning and am listening to it while I read and catch up before my real Sunday begins. Hope you are having great one so far, too!! 🙂


    1. Janine – it’s always wonderful to see you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this – I value your opinion and I’m thrilled you’re along for the ride. 🙂


  3. OK. Just tried sharing your post on G+, was in the middle of “editing” it and poof! it was gone! LOL
    What I was trying to say there was that your pictures Cyndi are always amazing. Very powerful. I love them.
    Today’s post was excellent. The words flowed steadily, serenely…peacfully. Nice opening to my Sunday morning:)


    1. Denise – when that happens to me, I hover back over the g+ icon and it *usually – not always* shows back up. Dang technology, lol. Thank you for coming by and I’m glad you enjoyed this.


  4. I love how you capture the beauty of nature through a photograph and to be able to see nature through your eyes and words. Excellent post, very thought-provoking.


    1. Natasha – aww, shucks, thank you. 🙂 Your photos are fantastic! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post on your blog -you usually have cute pictures of your doggies. hehe.


  5. Well, if rain makes life beautiful then we live in the most beautiful state in the country…oh, wait, we do live in the most beautiful state. 🙂

    Loved the poetry and the pictures, Cyndi. I hope you are having a great Sunday.


    1. Big Bro – okay, I’ll argue that NC is as beautiful as Washington, LOL…you know, I gotta say that cuz I live here. 😉 Hehe…thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you’ve had a great Sunday, too. 🙂 Thank you so much for your thoughts!


  6. Good Post.

    I join the others in saying you are creating a path that (I) will enjoy traveling on, if only for a little time every now and then.

    …frickin rain!! yeah!! (the images in my mind that get generated on that word… very interesting/funny/happy/sad


    1. Clark – I’m very much enjoying this. I think I’ve found my “cadence,” if you will. And yes, the word “rain” conjures up so many images for sure. 🙂


    1. Amy – hehe, I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so…I just included them all. 🙂 I hope you stayed warm and cozy up there and were able to enjoy the rain…if but just a little bit. 🙂


  7. I love the sound of the rain, and it is pretty to watch fall. I enjoy how it makes everything more colorful.
    This is a great reflective piece, and the photos are pretty! Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself and your thoughts with us. Have a fantastic evening!


  8. This is wonderful. I love it. You have a way with words that’s very light. Your poem felt like a spring rain. Your photography as usual is lovely, and I like where you’re taking things.


  9. Rain not only flushes off all the existing toxins in the environment but also tends to cool off our aura and our inner selves.

    Nature is divine and I also love how you sprinkle your spirituality in each blog…love it!


  10. I came, I quenched my thirst and was refreshed!…….. You post touched me.. For many do not like the rain… and run from its drops.. And yet you captivated its gentle cleansing qualities so Brilliantly here Cyndi

    Living in the UK and last year being one of the wettest spring/summers on record… Rain was the norm of most days…

    I love nothing better than the rain when it gently pours down from a warm sky as it glistens upon the petals and drips off the leaves as the oil in the puddles makes rainbows.. As the Sun peeps behind a cloud to show us the rainbow arch……

    Without the rain our Earth would not grow.. We need the cleansing rain upon our lands all be it not to fall out of our heavens all at once! and give rise to floods, which unfortunately for many homes near rivers who did not look upon the rain in such a way last year..

    Loved your post……and photos and I love the peacefulness found here.. Thank you


  11. Those photos are stunning! You know, I come from a land which, after intense heat, greets the monsoon rains with lyrical poetry and song, so I quite know what you mean!


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