Sharpie Art “Stained Glass” Door

Last post was a month ago? Sheez! Oh well…the life of a grad student. I am having fun learning and learning isn’t a bad thing…though I really miss writing (for myself, as opposed to academic papers).

I have been working on this Sharpie Art door for months. I started it this summer and finished it a couple weeks ago, but I hadn’t had a chance to mount it back into the storm door. This morning, my husby made the time and I got the final shots.

The design is abstract. I didn’t “plan” a design – I just started drawing. I knew, at the very least, though, I wanted something that resembled a sun. We’re talking about a window letting sunlight through: I wanted a sun. But, after that, I just drew and drew…and drew. I had no idea of the outcome.

I worked with what I had: oil sharpies in standard colors: blue, yellow, red, black and white. It was the first time I’d tried color since doing Real Housewife’s Window earlier this year.

I took a few photos of the before and after. Really, I just started with a piece of safety glass from our storm door. And then I drew and drew…and drew.

Feel free to pin this. 🙂

sharpie window and glass
It’s my storm door done with oil-based Sharpies from start to finish.