Ten Things of Thankful: Fabulous Blogs and Awards

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award

I’m sitting here on this Sunday morning sipping my tea and just carving out time to write this post. For a week, I’ve been wanting to do this but with it being the end of the semester, I had some papers to write and some holiday events to attend. Only one final presentation next week and I’m finished. Then, I only have three graduate courses left. I can see the light.

Speaking of light, do you ever think about how many people light up your life? I know many. But I’m going to highlight one for a moment: Sue Dreamwalker. If you haven’t been to her blog, you should really take a look. It’s like going to a spiritual revival, replete with wisdom and spiritual teachings and love. It’s my kind of blog and one that I hope to aspire to.

Last week she bestowed upon me a most lovely gift: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Wouldn’t you know, I love the name. Because now I feel connected with amazing hearts all over the world. I also love how she likens the award to the Divine Feminine. Something I have thought much about in my adult life.


I just feel the love! In a feminine-sisterhood kind of way.

And I’m going to bend the rules a little bit. As my “10 Things of Thankful” post, I want to highlight 10 blogs for which I’m thankful and pass this award on to them at the same time.

I love being snarky like that. Rule-bending without feeling guilty. *devious grin*

What To Do:

You’re supposed to highlight the blogger that gave the award, then answer 10 questions and then pass it on to ten other sisters and display the award on your post. So here goes.

The 10 Questions:

1. Your favorite color: I think that since I work at a school called Rainbow,  and I love all colors, I’m just going to say the Rainbow. All the colors. That combine on a prism to create white light. White light. Yes.

2. Your favorite animal …All the fuzzy-wuzzy ones: cats, dogs, bunnies, even opossums. I love all animals, but the less cuddly ones like snakes don’t always get my attention.

3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink …. Tea. Hands down. I love collecting wild weeds from my yard to make tea: mint, red clover, even plantain. But I love to drink just about any kind of tea: herbal, black, white, oolong, green…yummy!

4. Facebook or Twitter ….. both. I think I have Facebook down pat and fully acknowledge it’s more of a time suck than anything else. I’m still learning Twitter.

5. Your favorite pattern …..The labyrinth. Because of its symbolism and healing.

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? Giving of course. I always can do more giving.

7. Your favorite number …..2 and 7. Two because it’s better than one. Seven because it’s my lifepath number.

8. Your favorite day of the week …. Every day I get to enjoy the blessings of the earth.

9. Your favorite flower …. The daisy. It’s simple, bright and beautiful.

10. What is your passion? …. Writing, teaching, blogging, learning, drawing, photographing, cooking, hiking…oops, was I supposed to only say one?

And now, to blogs that have touched my life:

Considerings – Lizzi’s thoughts. An amazing read every time. Her words of wisdom touch your heart and tap into that emotion that so characterizes us as human.

Another Jennifer – Jennifer’s wise words. One that inspires me to give more, to be more philanthropic and spread the love.

Girlie on the Edge – A fellow Clark. I love her words, insights and thoughts. They so often echo my own.

Confessions of a Mommyaholic – Janine. A faithful commenter on my blog and always a friend.

Everything Susan – A warrior. A special person who looks at life right in the eyes and tells it like it is.

PenPaperPad – A poetic goddess. Her words can take even the most mundane subject and make it seem eloquent.

Semblance of Spanish America – Joan. Bridging culture and language. I must go to Chile one day soon.

Poetic Parfait – Poetic bliss. Christy’s poems are at once striking and powerful. I am always awed.

Writing a River – Yvonne. My friend across the pond who inspires me to write – more and better.

Adorable Chaos – Amy. She’s the kind of person that walks in the Light.

If you’re interested in joining this blog hop, check this out:

PS – I also continue to write for YeRoWriteO – I’m just not talking about it much. I’ll tell you why in an upcoming post.

45 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: Fabulous Blogs and Awards

  1. Wow I’m actually the first one here today?
    I love this blog hop TToT so much and I can’t believe how forward I was looking to writing my post for it this week.
    I’m all with you bending the rules can be fun and what’s wrong with a little rebellion once in awhile 🙂
    Thank you so much for passing The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award onto me. You’ve made me cry. I’ve gotten way more emotional lately.


    1. Susan – You’re my hero. You bravely face any battle life throws at you and you make the best lemonade from lemons! I’m so glad I know you and you always bring a smile to my face. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and yes, you are awesomesauce!


  2. Thank you so much Cyndi and seriously couldn’t be happier that we are friends and always love stopping by you blog to get your words of wisdom. Huge congrats on the semester being just about over!! Now enjoy the rest of the weekend and the week ahead 🙂


  3. Congratulations on your award, and what a kind way to do the TToT this week! You’ve highlighted some wonderful blogs, and I’ll have to check out the new-to-me blogs you listed.


  4. Very nice Cyndi! I love it when I see a writer giving back to other writers. This sort of thing is not done enough in my opinion. Bravo to you for highlighting some excellent writers. 🙂


  5. Awe Vongrats Cyndi! Now I’m thinking of all the stuff I’m thankful for:)

    Hey I couldn’t help notice that your choice of animals – all of them, and your choice of color, all of them, FB or Twiiter (both)and your favorite pattern? A labyrinth:) hahaha go figure! You’re just all over the place! Lol.


  6. Ohhhh Cyndi you’re such a wonderfulsparklybeautiful friend! Thank you so much for including me in your nominations 🙂

    I love so much that the internet is this great, big, nebulous tool which allows us to connect over such distances. To read the words another has written, and to be able to absorb a little of the spirit which wrote them…that’s utterly incredible. And I always enjoy coming here and gaining a little insight or perspective or beauty from what you write, and the stunning photos and art you share.

    Thank you for you *HUGS*


    1. Lizzi – It IS cool to connect over such long distances. You know, I often wonder why I keep blogging, but then I think about the amazing people I’ve met and the connections I’ve made – and that is priceless in itself. And I have made such wonderful, wonderful friends. I must blog forever and ever haha. I’m so thankful for you! xoxo


  7. Thank you Cyndi.I noticed Susan said this award made her cry so that’s two of us you’ve got in tears now. This is the first time I’ve had a blogger award, and its timing could not be better. For various reasons I’ve been feeling low for several days and also feeling frustrated with all the rejections my writing has had lately. So I’m extra grateful for this encouragement!

    I haven’t done my TToT post for this weekend yet, so now you’ve given me motivation – and I guess it will be switching blogs! (I’ve been thinking to let go of blogging on Inquiring Parent anyway, so this makes that decision a little clearer.)

    I know quite of few of the other blogs you’ve highlighted, but by no means all, so will take a look at them too.


    1. Oh Yvonne – I’m sending you big, wonderful hugs! Congrats on your award. 🙂 I understand that feeling – writing can sometimes do that to you. Good things is, you’re absolutely normal. Like me. Teehee. 😉 I’m so thankful to know you!!


  8. well, dammit! that’s why we have a Secret Book of Rules*

    Secret Rule 3.7 clearly states: “…when a writer, under duress or otherwise needs to mess with the Rules of the TToT, they’re entitled to do so…provided the appropriate Secret Rule is cited.

    so, you’re good.

    *reputed to be held by Lizzi, in a keep guarded by 7 virgins (3 male and 4 female) (yeah, I know, but this is sorta fantasy) not the part about the Secret Rules though… lol


    1. Clark…ooh…the Secret Book of Rules. That could be an awesome story! I’m particularly fond of rule 3.7. I think Lizzi likes it, too. Haha. That’s quite the guard of people you invented there in your fantasy world, lol.


      1. ‘GuardVirgins’ that is such the right…er packaging…presentation…way of saying it! We could totally get an ad in the local paper:

        Wanted: GuardVirgins exciting and satisfying career for those who qualify. Must be Virtuous and Good-Hearted (will allow substitution of ‘Possessed of a Calling’ or ‘Divinely Touched’). Must have Unicorn skills.


      2. I am SO tempted to advertise for GuardVirgins now! Just to see who responds…

        What’s ‘Unicorn Skills’? An ability to sustain the hor…no I won’t go there 😉



  9. Congratulations! It’s always nice to be recognized like that, isn’t it?
    As for your answers to the questions, I was with you on every single one, except the opossum. Oh, how I despise the opossum. We have lots of them around here, and they cause us no small amount of trouble.
    You chose some great blogs to highlight. It was a nice way to do a thankful list this week.


    1. Christine – haha, thank you. Yes, it’s way cool. Opossums? I only say that b/c we had one we named Fred who hung around our house for awhile and even befriended the cats. We didn’t let him get too close, but still…he was cute, lol.


  10. Thank you for including me on your list of inspiring bloggers! And thank you for being an inspiration (and friend) over the past year on this blogging journey. So glad to know you! 🙂


  11. Loved your answers to the questions…that’s the Cyndi I know :))
    Those bloggers are awesome..I have visited most of them and they are worth each word that your mentioned them 🙂


  12. Congratulations on the lovely award! I think it’s awesome you make your own tea. Also three more courses? Wha-hoooooo! That’s wonderful! I sucked and didn’t participate in Thankful thi week…sigh…


    1. Cathy – haha, yes, you must POSITIVELY and WITHOUT a doubt identify weeds correctly because if not…well…bad things could happen lol. But yes, great minds…great minds…


  13. Congrats my dear friend on your award and thank-you for nominating Poetic Parfait! So kind– but then again I’ve never seen you any other way 🙂 You keep plugging away over there, and I’ll do the same, and we’ll meet in the middle with smiles and friendship xx


    1. Christy – YOU are so kind and positive and I often think of you when I’m not having a great day: your uplifting spirit just lifts me up, too, and then I am happy again. 😀


  14. I am so very Happy that the ‘Sisterhood’ is growing ever wider in its circle… You are most Welcome Cyndi and I Thank you so very very much from your praise of my blog.. I hope all your new sisters keep spreading this far and wide… YOU are certainly embraced as a dear Sister .. Much Love Sue xox 🙂


    1. Sue – perhaps one day the sisterhood will grow so strong that we’ll find that we have changed the world. 😉 I know of so many who have shared this award already – so fun and endearing. So glad you stopped by and I’m sending you more hugs!


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