Wonderful Wednesday: Winter Images of Nature

old barn
Icy barn


icicle leaf
A frozen leaf with tiny, tiny icicles


curled up icicle crunchy leaf
Curled up frozen leaf

On a slightly wordy note: these images are from near my house. It had frosted and everything had a white sheen. I saw it as an opportunity to create with photos.




32 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday: Winter Images of Nature

  1. Hey Bill, totally welcome to any and all snow that we gettin up in New England!

    good photos, nevertheless

    (oh! damn… I just read the Post Title!! should I be typing words outloud?)


    1. Jennifer – I know! I saw those photos on your blog! Wow! You have A LOT of snow. Here? Not so much. Haha. There are still leave from fall all over the ground. 🙂


  2. Lovely Photo’s Cyndi, We had some frost here yesterday morning, we took our Granddaughter a short walk and we picked up an Oak Leaf which was covered in frost.. I told her Jack-Frost had been around, she insisted on picking it up to carry her shiny prize home.. As the sun was shining the frost start to melt but formed a small ice-crystal, she was amazed as she asked how it was made.. Every other word is WHY? at the moment.. Love the Questions she is asking… 🙂

    Great Photo’s and Wishing you a Festive Yuletide Cyndi… Hugs Sue xoxox


    1. Sue – those questions from the kiddos are so fun, aren’t they? I work with three and four year olds and life is such a wonder for them. I love it, haha.
      I also hope you have a wonderful Yuletide. Sending you many hugs! xoxo


      1. Cyndi, just dropping by to wish you a wonderful Happy New Year, when it arrives… sending you big hugs and Lots and Lots of Blessings for 2014…
        Enjoy the rest of your holidays…
        Much love ..
        Sue xoxox


  3. came by to wish you and John and them a Happy New Year

    (yeah, I know writing it here is kinda like, a) a voice from the past or 2) a secret relic hidden in an attic and suddenly starts talking!)


  4. A frozen landscape makes an interesting subject to photograph. I love the details on the leaves – magnificent job! The bitter cold temps have forced me to stay indoor all week. We got some snow during the wee hours Monday morning, which left back streets icy and with the frigid weather it still lingers in shady spots. I’m ready for some warmer conditions to arrive. We may get a few days with temps in the 50s starting tomorrow. Whoo-hoo! Have a happy WW & 2014, my friend!


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