The Great Writing Experiment

Everything you have ever wanted, is

I’ve been threatening for months that as soon as I finished school that I would return to writing.

And writing I am!

You see, I’ve been chomping at the bit here. Sure, I did the master’s to help my day job prospects.

[Tweet “But a girl’s still gotta dream big. No matter how old…no matter the odds.”]

Dreams keep you going and can be powerful motivators.

Months ago, I came across some powerful articles.

Some Prolific Writers

Have you heard of Amanda Hocking? No? Click that link right there. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Are you inspired, yet?

I’ve wanted to publish for a long time now. And I haven’t. Call it life, busyness, not prioritizing.

And don’t get me wrong. Teaching is fun and all, but I I would like to try my hand at publishing something. A book. Not a blog post or an article. Yeah, done that…hundreds of times, actually.

There are other authors who are successful and their stories are fun to read. And, most people who publish on Amazon don’t see much success.

The reasons are probably many: gobs of authors, standing out from the crowd, sub-par story, no platform, you name it.

But I’m Going to Experiment

That word, experiment. It’s been a part of my vocabulary for the better part of two years.

Anyways, I am going to try something out. I’m going to see what it is to post ebooks to Amazon’s KDP program.

I’m crazily working on a novel. I actually started it months ago when it was getting cold and I didn’t feel like studying one Saturday afternoon.

I wrote 4,200 words this morning. Because it’s fun!

You see, that’s the thing about writing. Now that I have some time off from school, I am just enjoying writing for writing’s sake.

Not Going the Traditional Route

I have a lot of good friends who are published authors. I am proud of every one of them. It’s no easy feat to publish that first book, and then to keep going.

They write query letters and build their platforms.

But, um…

I kind of want to do something different.


I just want to do ebooks. For now, anyways.

For a few reason: save paper, a general disillusionment with traditional publishing, I’m not a high-profile author, the Machiavellian approach to manuscripts…

Of course, I hope it won’t all be a colossal failure.

You know, launch the rocket only to have it fall to the center of the earth.

But that’s part of the fun in life, you know? See what happens. I like to see what could happen.

There was an article on CNN that came out a little while ago. Here’s a quote:

“Fact is that authors no longer need a publisher,” Bernard Starr wrote at The Huffington Post. “And more and more writers are awakening to the realization that if you are not a high-profile author who can command large sales, a traditional publisher will do little for you beyond editing and printing your book.

So. There’s that.

Still, I make a habit of reading inspiring things.

Bestseller Success Stories That Started Out as Published Books

How to (Really) Make $1,000,000 Selling Ebooks – Real-world Case Studies

Become an Ebook Superstar

Alas, Non-Fiction is Not Yet

So…I’ve spent most of my writing career writing non-fiction. I’ve just recently tried my hand at fiction. We’re going to see how this pans out. Right now, I’m 82 pages in to a ghost story. On any platform, fiction can be extraordinarily fleeting.

Why? People need information that helps them. It’s harder to sell fiction, particularly if you’re not a known writer. I’m under no illusions here. This is why I stepped up my game for my day job.

Since I like to write, though, I don’t plan on waiting until it’s practical or until I retire to eke out that novel.

Like I said, it’s going to be fun to see what happens. See where my writing takes me. And I’ll keep y’all in the loop with the good, the bad and the ugly.

Anyone else out there want to try?

32 thoughts on “The Great Writing Experiment

  1. Great post!… I am with you… The experimental path might bring you unexpected results… Sometimes it is good to improvise and see where the flow takes you!. So nice to read your updates, my friend. I am wishing you the very best for 2015. Aquileana 🙂


    1. Aquileana – I know, right? I feel like havin’ a little fun. 😀 It’s so wonderful to be back. I have sorely missed writing and talkin’ to mis amigos around the world. I hope you have a great New Year!


  2. Truly awesome and I honed can’t wait to see where this writing takes you and very excited for you. I still have the novel I wrote a few years ago for NaNoWriMo, but have et to get adventurous and edit. Maybe someday when I do have a bit more time to play with – as they say never say never. 😉


    1. Janine – haha, we’ll see, right? Just wanna have a little fun. 😉
      I’m *so* glad you have that NaNo novel. I still have mine…somewhere, but I don’t think it’s gonna get resurrected. I think I wrote myself off a cliff. Oh well, haha. But yes, never say never, right?
      Hugs! I hope you have a great New Year!


  3. I thought I would stop by and say hi. Glad you still have the magic and enjoyment to write. I think you could inspire people like me to do it and venture into something different. Very proud of you!


    1. Brad – haha. Wait a minute…when does this tech fast end? I thought I remember New Years. 😀 Haha. Well, I hope you have a *fabulous* New Year and a fantastic 2015. Blessings to you!


  4. Well, you know I’m in. My problem is that I also need to write some freelancing articles to catch up on bills, so there’s always that tug-of-war between wanting to write what I want and needing to write what people will pay me for within the next two weeks.

    But I’m gonna go for it too and write an ebook. Probably starting January 1st.

    Not sure what it’ll be about, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out within the next 48 hours haha. I like the suggestions you left me on my blog. I’m just not passionate about teaching cartooning, but we’ll see. It might be all I can do right now, to be honest.

    Can’t wait to do this! I’m looking forward to reading your novel. I love ghost/supernatural horror movies, but I am always too chicken to watch the WHOLE thing without closing my eyes or something like that. I’m such a weenie haha.

    But I’m pretty sure I can handle a book, though. I might actually make it all the way through without looking away at my iPhone.


    1. Chris – I definitely understand that. OMG – I really need to share some of the ebook advice from those other ebooks I was telling you about. Gooood stuff! I *love* supernatural / horror stuff, too. OMG – have you ever seen “The Conjuring”? It was the most freakin’ scary movie I have ever seen. You want to close your eyes because you can’t because you’ll miss something and you don’t want to know but you HAVE to know. Oh man…the best kind of movie. 😀



        We showed my niece the trailer, and she was so scared to death (and yeah…she’s a grownup).

        To this day, whenever I walk by her I’ll go…


        And she’ll get the heebie-jeebies and freak out.

        I love it 😉


      2. Chris – haha, I haven’t looked at life the same since watching that movie. But, BUT, it’s the one that made me “snap” and want to write a ghost story. 😀
        CLAP-CLAP. *shiver*


  5. I wish you nothing but luck and happiness on the ebook route. I’ve decided it’s not for me, but I might change my mind. I always seem to. 🙂 Happy New Year lil Sis!


    1. Big Bro – I so always look forward to your comments and thoughts. So, so good to see you. That’s the fun about this writing stuff. You *do* get to change your mind – it’s an art and as the master of your art, you get to craft it the way you see fit. And you, my friend are my role model. 🙂


  6. yeah… tear ’em up, is all you’ll do!

    I’m of similar mind, except for me, the goal is to simply complete a book. As in, a beginning, middle and end… (will totally be looking over your (virtual) shoulder.


    1. Clark – haha. Grrrr. Rip. TEAR. RRROAR! LOL Just kidding. I’m channeling my inner-lion.
      Yes. The idea is to COMPLETE the book. I get so far and then I flitter out and run out of gas. *positive thinking* I have gas! HAHAHAH.


    1. Hehe, *giggle* – All right, Lizzi. YOU’RE IN THE LOOP! Oh, you make me smile. Why don’t you just crank out that frickin’ awesome fiction book that’s inside you? You know you wanna. 😉


  7. Can’t wait to read your ghost story. I’m with you – love a good ghost story. And anything supernatural One of my all time favorites was by Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House. It’s pretty ancient but I’m willing to bet it can still give the goose bumps:) Hm….might have to check that out of the library…
    Thanks for all the links. I will so be checking them out.
    I admire your tenacity Cynthia and yes, absolutely. Do it now. Don’t wait for “later”:)


    1. Denise – hehe. I know, right? Ghost stories are entirely fun. I need to read that book: The Haunting of Hill House. Sounds awesome! Me? Tenacity? I’m like that dang energizer bunny: BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM……..SPLAT! Hahaha. That’s what’s happened to me over this winter break. I have been rather comatose other than writing on the computer. I had all these plans to clean the house, get organized…nope. I’ve read and I’ve written a lot. Hehe.


  8. You go girl! Love that quote… I know you’ve been talking about publishing a book for a while now and I have a feeling 2015 is going to be your year of getting that baby in the bag. Yay! I for one can’t wait to read your book. 🙂 xx


    1. Melanie – I know, right? I’ve been talking about it for ages. I should publish something already. 😀 I, for one, can’t wait to see all the AMAZING things you’re going to do this year, too…like, um…NEW YORK! Yippee!!!


  9. I just had another thought, Cynthia.

    You mention not wanting it to launch like a rocket and then fall to earth and crash. I get that. Nobody literally WANTS to fail.

    But so what.

    What if you knew for a fact that your first Kindle book would “fail” and not sell more than a handful of copies to your friends.

    Would you still write it?

    Everybody fails. Nobody who ever succeeds at anything significant is able to succeed without failing first.

    NASA watched a whole bunch of their rockets crash to earth before they ever managed to get one up. Failure is necessary. You can’t taste success without first tasting failure.

    As for me, this’ll be my first Kindle book too, and I am totally ready for it to fail. I’m expecting the first three to be failures. Maybe the fourth one too.

    But so what? With each attempt, I will improve. With each failure, I will learn. And with each ebook, I will build a body of work and get one step closer to success.

    So let’s not let our expectations run away with us. So what if it takes 27 ebooks on Kindle to finally escape the pull of gravity and see one of our books take off. I can write 27 ebooks. So can you. Lots of people have written that many. Some writers have published double that number. Some triple.

    I’m ready. I am like so f__king ready to succeed, I can almost taste it. I’m tired of thinking about it, talking about it, dreaming. And I’m tired of beating myself up every time I fail. Maybe I just need to fail a few more times before I get it right.

    Maybe failure is just part of the process we call, “success.”


    1. Chris – indeed, I really think failure is part of the process. In fact, I’m kicking around the idea of giving away this first book (or charging .99) – these are both strategies I’ve read about to do when you’re an unknown author. And yes, I expect that this might not be any kind of success. Haha.
      But, I think if people read your book or mine and leave a good review or two or ten, then you know you’ve touched someone’s life for a few hours and they liked it enough to tell you so – and really had to make an effort to do so! (I’ve downloaded a lot of books onto Kindle and…eeep…I’m terrible about leaving reviews…it’s a chore. haha).
      You also already ooze with success. I can’t believe how much you’ve written for Textbroker and cranked out article after article. If you can do that, then you can do a book and then another and another. You really gotta download the ebook: Writing a Kindle Book a Week by Alex Foster. It’s totally inspiring and you’ll be like, LET’S DO THIS NOW!! I promise. I read that while I was still in school and I was dying to write. Dying I tell ya. 😛
      Without failure, you cannot appreciate the sweet taste of success. ¡Sí se puede!


  10. Yes, I want to try. I have been playing around with some fictional writing. Not extremely happy with it (Self-pressure and all that), but it is my dream to get better and better. You make a great case for e-publishing. Let’s follow our dreams!


    1. Valerie – oh, sweet Valerie! I’m so sorry I didn’t respond earlier. Your wonderful comment got caught by my spam filters and I didn’t see it until just now.
      Yes, LET’S FOLLOW OUR DREAMS! I love it! Thank you SO much for stopping by! xox


  11. Cyndi, I am so glad that you are able to pursue your writing once again. I know you have had quite a journey the past year so getting back on track is going to be a welcome adventure for you. Thanks for all the information you posted on ebook publishing. When I get through this school year, I am going to take a break and plan for some writing. Have a great 2015!


    1. Dianna – it’s sooo good to see you! Whew! We’re all on this life’s journey that takes us to the stars and back, no? 😀 I can’t wait to see all the writing you’re going to be doing. I hope your new year was *awesome*. 🙂


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