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Finding Inspiration at Girlie’s

Even though I have been challenged in having the time and energy to write for about the last year and a half, I think, well…I gotta carve some time to write. Or paint. Or whatever: just use that right-brain that cries out for liberation.

I was over at Denise’s blog, “Girlie on the Edge” and got inspired. (Today’s her birthday, by the way!) I don’t know what exactly it was about her post, but it got me thinking about my blog here. (And for the record, you see all the blogs on my sidebar? Yes, those are the ones I do visit from time to time, even if I don’t comment. Those are the ones I keep tabs on because so many of the authors have become incredible friends.)

Anyways, Denise was talking about “Daily Words” and I thought that even if I am not writing here, I still will write in a journal or in some form like that. You know, the stuff that isn’t meant for public consumption.

In a stream-of-consciousness-and-who-am-I-kidding sentiment, I thought, well, a lot of what I write and think might be for public consumption because, if I’m thinking something, others have certainly thunk that thought, right? RIGHT?

Yeah, Not Gonna Move the Blog

I was going to move this blog because it’s a conglomeration of having no direction, a mish-mash of art projects, a sprinkling of photography, a whole lotta writing, and I’m embarking upon this new job that will require me to speak so much Spanish, you’d think I’d moved to Mexico. And once upon a time I even focused on photography here.

So, I go and look at all my posts, and on a bit of a “triste” admittance, there are way too many posts that are preoccupied with the “direction of this blog.” I deleted those posts. It was neat to reflect on the journey for a moment, but then I kind of didn’t want to recall all my moments of indecision.

And perhaps I was jumping the gun too quickly. This blog has been around for three years. There is a lot of “me” here. It would be a pity to delete it all; to have those megabytes go “poof into oblivion” would be kind of sad. In the history of Cyndi. I have to admit that I myself am a mish-mash, whole lotta, conglomeration of a bunch of things. Indeed we all are.

After weeks of pondering, I’ve elected to keep this blog. To continue on the stage that is the quintessential “Cyndi” – the girl that is at once all over the place but determined to make a difference in the world.

Building Upon What’s Already Here

You’ll notice a few changes here. I’ve deleted TONS of categories. I went through looking for recurring themes and played on those. There are now 10 categories, for which I am happy to write when I have time:

  • house projects (haven’t written anything in this category, yet, but I can tell you, I have LOTS to say about this)
  • personal writing (I noticed that pretty much every other post seems to fall in this category)
  • art projects (because I have these uncontrollable creative urges that strike without warning)
  • 100 questions (here I attempt to tackle some of life’s most baffling questions…because I can)
  • Teaching (this is what I do in my non-writing life. Geez, I gotta talk about it)
  • Spiritual & Inspiration (for me, these go hand in hand: what is life without trying to be mindful and in touch with that Other world and want to be a better person because of it?)
  • Book stuff (let’s face it: I’m a wanna-be author and in this category I get to pretend I’m a published author)
  • Short stories (for those moments I feel a burst of inspiration)
  • Poems (funny…I don’t usually read poetry, but the expression of it is SO cathartic)

And I’m going to do my damndest to not worry about the direction of this blog, to focus on the present and to look at how I can make an impact on the world before I expire on this planet.

It really is my desire to leave this world a better place than when I entered. Without a doubt, that has not happened, yet.

But perhaps I can start (or have started) with this blog. I’m not sure.

I don’t know what it is. There are times I think I’ll want to get rid of it, want to wash my hands of it, perhaps even write elsewhere and make a little passive income at it. But I can’t let go.

Perhaps it’s the incredible people I have met on this journey: perhaps it’s knowing that I have connected with people all over the world through the power of the word. And the desire to make the world a place where, seven generations later, our progeny declares that “we did good.” Maybe it starts here.

I am writing for community, for love, for good, for peace, for making a difference, for hope, for that Other world that knows your heart, your character and your intentions – to be better and to make the world a better place.