Of Houses and Mayhem…Ten Things of Thankful 102

Hello there, dear readers, it has been over two months since I last wrote.

That reads like something out of some Catholic confessional, doesn’t it?

Well, while I have been away, my life has been a roller coaster…the kind that has a long “up” with a sweet, stomach-tickling dip and takes you through some awesome twists and turns. Hopefully I am nearing the end of the “Post-graduate school Loop D Loop;” I’m getting off the ride with a big grin on my face, though.

Because I have so much to be thankful for.

Gratitude makes sense of our past,

At the end of March, I left my old job. I had trained not one, not two, but three people to replace me. Needless to say, those folks weren’t exactly thrilled I was leaving.

But…sometimes life has other plans for you and if we wait until everything’s perfect, why…nothing will ever happen now, will it?

I was thankful for that job. It certainly was a stepping stone for this next one. Plus, well, it does make a girl feel kinda good knowing that the job I was doing required three people to fill her spot. Of course, they were all part timers, but still.

And on to the new job. Working for the State of North Carolina once again. I’m actually thankful for that. When I left my teaching position back in 2012, I thought I was leaving education for good. I remember being annoyed that they “held on” to your sick days for 5 years after you quit. I was like, “How COULD they? I’m NEVER going back!” 

There’s a saying: Never say never.

When I began work on the last day of March, I was told that all my sick days (we’re talking months’ worth) were reinstated. I’m glad they didn’t pay me off for those.

I’m thankful for my office. My sweet office at a university where people just love to learn…like I do. I’m a learningphile. Okay, there’s a real word for that: epistemophilic.

[Tweet “Epistemophilic: an excessive love or reverence for knowledge. That’s me.”]

I’m in love with that word, too. Yep, that counts as something for which I’m thankful.

I’m thankful my house is about to sell and we found another one that will be 30 minutes away from work and 5 minutes from my sweet mother-in-law. My fingers are crossed that it will all go through okay. Our due-diligence date is 5 June.

But…my office. You know, I can’t say I’ve ever been in a position where they tell you, “you need to spend more money!” Yes, I just spent $16,000 ordering supplies and curriculum materials for my after school program. That kind of money makes me incredulous. It was at once exhilarating and intimidating to spend that much. And, my budget renews 1 July so guess what? I’ll have even more than that to spend throughout the next year. Yowza.

I have to tell you that I have had some serious fun in the last couple of months ordering things. It was hard (yeah, yeah…one of those “first-world” problems) because I had to anticipate what all I’d need to manage tutors and 50 kids over the next couple of years. But…some of my favorite items included ordering a parachute, tons of stuff for bubbles, LOTS of books, a Promethean board, finger paint, stuff to make LOTS of gooey goopy stuff, games, card games, Orbeez, and so much more.

Knowing that disadvantaged children will get to enjoy these things for years to come makes me especially happy.

And I’m thankful for my in-laws. You see, during the week I have to leave my hubby and my animals and stay with his family. Work is 1.5 hours from where I live. There are some in the world who would do that commute, but after working 10-hour days, commuting 30 minutes to my in-laws’ house is enough.

But, this means that during the week, I don’t much time to myself, much less to write. My weekends have been filled with packing and trying to catch up from being gone all week…not to mention trying to get a bit of down-time.

I’m thankful for all of it. Wouldn’t you know, the vision board I created in January is all coming true? It’s freaky. If you haven’t tried it, they work. You need to know what to do (just google or youtube it – and yes, I just used those two words as verbs so I didn’t capitalize them)…and it’s interesting how things manifest themselves, but still…it’s pretty incredible. Yeah, another thing for which I’m thankful.

Hopefully my next post will be from my new house (though we haven’t even made an offer on this next house just yet…there’s still a few things up in the air)…but I’ll definitely have to share some before and after photos of our house that we are leaving behind…as well as something about a certain legend regarding selling houses.