Free Printable Coloring Pages

Note: I have moved this post over to – it’s a site I created just for coloring. Come check it out! ūüôā ¬†It’s free and there’s lots of stuff over there.

Adult Coloring Sheets for Meditative Purposes

The art of coloring.

It’s making a comeback these days because it’s quite meditative. You get some crayons or markers, you download and print a page or sheet, and have at it.

Play some music. Or not. But just color.

The process of coloring intricate lines and shapes is beneficial because it forces us to slow down. It makes¬†us focus on what we’re doing. If not, we go outside the lines and we don’t quite get the colors we were envisioning.

As such, I spent some time drawing. I wanted to share my drawing skills with you so that you might enjoy some meditative coloring. Interestingly, the process of drawing is as equally meditative as coloring is. If you like to draw, why not try your hand at it and share? I would love to know what other folks come up with Рthe possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

I have to admit, my utensil of choice is the Sharpie marker. I love those things!

You can print and share as you like! The images below are full-size. Meaning, they might take awhile to load onto your screen. This is because the image resolution is quite high. If you’re printing on a regular printer, the image will be crisp and sharp. If you happen to have a printer that can make images bigger, then you can increase the size accordingly.

The images are also in two formats: jpg and pdf. If you have a hard time downloading one, try the other. (Except the Abstract Flowers one – for whatever reason, I couldn’t upload that. Contact me if you’d really like to get that in a pdf version.)

If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments. Also, if you’d like to see more of these, just tell me.





This New House Is Like a Miracle

I am so glad to be back. It’s like my “cyber-home” here at the ‘Tude.

There’s nothing like moving (in the real world) to shake up all your routines. Over the summer it was difficult to blog because I was staying with family while we closed on our house and then had to fix it up (we always buy fixer-uppers) so we could live in it.

We closed in mid-July, didn’t move in until mid-August and work picked back up – all good things, but definitely left me with not a lot of time to do much outside of those things.

new ho

To that end, I have continued journaling and drawing wherever possible. I’d like to think I haven’t lost my writing touch.

But more than that, I have an incredible story to share about selling our house and getting into our new one.

Back in May, our old house in Marshall, NC had been under contract. Then came the home inspection. The folks who¬†were slated to buy the house decided to pull out – for various reasons, but mostly because they kept trying to knock the price down to below market value and, well, we wouldn’t budge.

We’d put a lot of sweat equity into our old house and knew that the market was pretty tight because of its proximity to a desirable area.

To get the house ready, we’d painted, repaired and staged it. We’d planted a vegetable¬†garden and really tried to make our old house absolutely move-in ready. When you sell a house, I’d learned, you’re selling a product. And you want that product to be as fantastic as possible.

We also needed to sell and we needed to sell fast. I was commuting 1.5 hours and staying with family during the week.

The St. Joseph Home Selling Kit

After the first contract fell through, there were no showings for two solid weeks. I knew that somehow it would work out, but still: we already had a lot of things packed up and in storage. Our lives were continuing; it was time to move on.

I happened to Google “sell your house faster” one night after about a week and a half of no showings.

I found the Legend of Saint Joseph. I’d never heard of it before, but it was a “thing.” Many, many people on numerous sites had talked about how they sold their house incredibly fast with St. Joseph.

I thought, well, what do I have to lose?

Basically, you can go to Amazon and order a mini statue of St. Joseph. He comes in a small package with a prayer. I ordered him on a Tuesday; he got there by Thursday.

John said, “okay, so I’m supposed to bury him, right?”

I told him to wait because I know that when more than one person sends up the same prayer at the same time, it’s magnified. Multiple people magnify the same sentiments and thoughts.

“Wait until I get home on Saturday and we’ll bury him and say the prayer then.”

On Saturday,¬†exactly¬†two weeks after we’d had our last showing, we went outside. We lit a candle and recited the prayer of St. Joseph – here’s an excerpt: ¬†(The following is taken from the St. Joseph Home Selling Kit we ordered on Amazon – not an affiliate link, by the way.)

Dear Saint Joseph, God the Father chose you from all men to be the husband of Mary and the foster Father of Jesus. You cared thoughtfully and wholeheartedly for them while on Earth.

It was through you that Jesus first learned of His Heavenly Father’s gentleness, compassion, protection and provision.

So close were you that He was known simply as the Carpenter’s son…

Then, we buried the statue¬†upside down. You’re supposed to have him¬†face either your own home or where your new home will be, if you know that information. It is said that he will work twice as hard to help you sell your home if he’s buried upside down. Incidentally, the location of our new house and the old happened to be in the same direction: southwest.

We blew out the candle and hoped for the best. We also believed in its power.

I went inside to take a nap and John went to work out in the shed.

I woke up an hour later to a text message on my phone: a show request.

It was almost exactly an hour later – I’m not even kidding.

We ended up getting two show requests that afternoon for the following day on Sunday and the next was for Monday.

By Tuesday we were under contract for just a little below our asking price! From there on out, everything went smoothly.

To keep the process running smoothly, I decided to also recite the nine novenas of St. Joseph to help sell the house, too.

The last part of the “ceremony” is that you dig up and give St. Joseph an honorary spot on the mantel of the new home. You can bet he has a place of honor.

St. Joseph now sits on the mantel above our fireplace.
St. Joseph now sits on the mantel above our fireplace.

Things Work Out If You Let Them

The funny thing is, we were looking to move to the same town where I now work.¬†But, the houses in our price range were sort of…lacking. Most didn’t have quite what we needed and¬†weren’t in great areas.

We were about to make an offer on a house that we were going to “settle” on when another house¬†30 minutes away in the next town dropped in¬†price.

This next town was Waynesville – the town where John grew up and where family lives. Furthermore, there were¬†no other houses in Waynesville in our price range – this was the only one. Though it’s a 30-minute commute, this town is centrally located to the larger city of Asheville, NC and the smaller town where I work – in Cullowhee, NC – 30 minutes in either direction.

I drove by this potential house immediately and it was like an electric spark: I just knew that this house was it. It was like everything came together at once: the way it worked out with our old house and this new one coming down in price enough that we could work with it.

We like to fix up houses because if we ever need to sell them, we’ll have automatic equity in them.

Once we closed, we couldn’t move in immediately, though.

We had to fix the heat pump and do mold remediation. The house had an odor and we had to pull up the carpets – revealing the original 1948 hardwood floors underneath. We took up the cracking, warped linoleum in the kitchen: 3 layers worth, complete with rotting plywood.

From there, we (and by “we” I mean John) soldered pipes in the bathroom to get them working again. Every single faucet in the house leaked because all the seals had dried up – the house had been vacant for six years.

There is still the huge rock wall that collapsed a few years ago that will need to be repaired…

The rest of the house will need to be updated (yes, the original bathroom from 1948 is still here: pink tiles with a cast iron tub of the same color – so lovely).

But it’s already a loved house with a happy feeling.

I gotta say I’m very, very grateful.

Yes, we go with our instincts on houses – they have “feelings” and sometimes even ghosts. We made the mistake of ignoring our instincts on one fixer-upper we bought and let’s just say it did¬†not¬†work out.

But now…now things are getting more settled. Work still takes up a lot of my time and it will for at least another year. But, I am getting into a more regular schedule where I can now, once again, return to regular creative sessions: i.e. writing and creating.

There’s that book I was working on earlier in the year….

I hope my fellow readers have been well!

I promise it won’t be so long next time.