The End of an Era…and New Beginnings

Back in early January, I shared a post about creating vision boards and doing meditations to manifest your destiny. It was a “Ten Things of Thankful” post, and yes, I’m still eternally grateful.

But, after that, I hadn’t written much. And there was a very good reason. Okay several good reasons.

First was that like a lightbulb, I burned out. After going like the Energizer Bunny, I wrote and wrote and wrote all through grad school, wrote blog posts for my job, wrote grants, wrote the first draft to a book or two….

My brain just froze. So, I decided to just let that fly – because what else are you going to do? – and fill my weekends with reading, good movies, spending time with family, and things that didn’t require too many brain synapses.

In the meantime, I would spend 3-5 minutes at least looking at my vision board and about 20 minutes doing guided meditations early in the mornings.

One of the things on my vision board was “to help people with speaking Spanish and English, financially and in my church and community.”

There are quite a few other things on there, too.

And wouldn’t you know, these things manifested!

In early January, a good friend of mine called me to let me know that she had received grant money from the state of North Carolina to create an after school program that was curriculum-based, but targeted at Spanish speakers. I would work out of Western Carolina University but in conjunction with county schools to create and direct a dynamic program for Latino families. After an interview process, and a long waiting period, I received a call on Friday that I had gotten this job.

That was the same day I let the school where I’m at know that I wouldn’t be able to stay until the end of the year. Ouch, right? I don’t take it lightly, leaving in the middle of the school year. But sometimes life-changing opportunities don’t follow an academic schedule. So…I’m going to have to endure the Scarlet Letter of Teachers for awhile until I make this transition.

This also means that I suddenly have to move and pretty much have 30 days to figure out what to do. Sure. No problem, right?

It’s been eight years since we’ve moved. We’re good and settled in here, but, again, life-changing opportunities require growth and change. Especially with they seem so synchronous with what you want to do in life.

What I mean is that the requirements for this job were extremely specific: you needed a master’s degree in Spanish (or TESOL), you needed NC curriculum experience, have grant writing experience, an NC teaching license, experience with classroom teaching, be bi-cultural and bi-lingual, understand how to navigate the university world, the elementary academic world, and the Latino world, and then be willing to move to a very rural county in order to fulfill the requirements of the job. Yes, I fit every single one of those requirements.

So, for the next month or so, I have begun a roller coaster ride. It’s going to be fun – I actually happen to love roller coasters.

But what does that mean for Pictimilitude?

It probably means that I will no longer write here. This blog has been my go-to for the last three years. But, paying to write here only a handful of times in the last year doesn’t justify the cost.

I think what I’m going to do is transfer over to a free WordPress blog. Of course, I want to stay connected with the people I’ve met online, the fellow writers and such. I won’t have a chance to write as much, but I love keeping up with what people are up to on social media, too. Though even then, I hardly post these days.

And I think that new blog will reflect this new journey. But, I think along with retiring from regular Spanish teaching, I am going to retire my Pictimilitude chapter.

And so…with this hastily written post, I’m going to sign off. This might be for the last time…we’ll see. 🙂